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There are basically five types of blackout honeycomb shades which you can find on the market. They may be other varieties but there are the best ones I am aware of. They are namely optilight blackout, grand blackout, petite cell, grand blackout, Christopher Lowell and Christopher Lowell raw silk honeycomb shades. They have slight difference among them and one identical characteristic as well. The slight difference is the color and shape.

Let us go into details on the varieties of blackout honeycomb window shades. i have talked about them below.

1. Optilight
It is a mixture of pleat sheer (for a fully unobstructed view) and honeycomb for every season’s energy efficiency. The fabric of its pleat sheer gives uv protection for furnishing.

2. Grand blackout
It has a superb line which will give your room full room darkening. Places like greenhouse, bedroom and media house will benefit a lot from this window shade. The cell used for the production of this window treatment is delineated using two fabric levels and squeezed around the thin and white blackout.

3. Christopher Lowell raw silk blackout cellular shade
It is the best pick for bedrooms, nurseries and media rooms where you require total light check. It has varieties of colors in custom size which is up to 120 inches wide and 120 inches high.

If you ask me to choose the best black shade, I think I would select the optilight blackout honeycomb shade. You should know that it is the most expensive of all the blackout shades but it comes with the most elegant beautiful design.

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