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Roller shades for windows have been around forever. The reason is simply that nothing else can do the job of filtering or blocking light as well as a window shade. Fortunately, the traditional shade has a new look and comes in colors and designs to please even the fussiest person. They can also enhance a room’s decor at a very economical price.

Whether you want to merely darken a room, or add a touch of flair to a dull area, window shades offer endless possibilities. Shades can be fringed, scalloped, stenciled or dyed bright colors. They can come in prints or even look like paintings; and the materials to choose from can seem endless. You can choose from old-fashioned spring roller shades to manual rollers to motorized rollers for hard to reach windows.

A popular window dressing for large windows is the bamboo roller shade. These shades are great for accenting a room or office with large corner windows and also for use in patios, to shade from the sun and provide privacy. Bamboo roller shades can make a room or patio feel intimate and inviting without costly structural work. They can be lowered or raised at will and change a room’s feeling in just a few seconds. Bamboo is a beautiful, all natural material that can be used outdoors as well as indoors.

Cotton roller shades are still the traditional choice, with some of the man made fabrics being frequently used for decorative purposes or for the total darkening of a room. If you still remember being startled when an old-fashioned shade suddenly wrapped itself up, with a lot of noise, and then flew off the widow to come crashing down, these types of problems have been solved with new manufacturing technology. If you are still not convinced, manual ones that can be easily raised and lowered and freely positioned have become quite popular and come in as many choices as spring roller shades.

While the roller shade of the past was solely used to stop the sunlight from entering a room, the window shades of today are considered a lovely room accent and are often used alone, without curtains or drapes. A lovely window no longer needs to be completely surrounded by curtains to be acceptable. A shade that is decorative and handsome to look at can be kept half rolled or all the way down to enhance a room’s decor.

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