Roller Shades Provide a Lovely Solution to Sound Issues in Offices on

In 2006, it was estimated the 1.4 million people worked in an office environment. If even half of these employees had their own office, their office might have one or two windows. This means, these windows would need to be covered. For any office environment, the best type of window shade would be a roller shade. Roller shades come in many styles, colors and textures. The window shades of today are not limited to the color of white any longer. In fact, whatever color or d├ęcor an office is using, that is the same style, color or texture the employee can request when an office manager orders window shades.

Since white is so outdated when it comes to window shades, an office employee can now request any of the primary colors (red, blue and green) to the soft pastel colors (pink, purple and light yellow). The textures of a roller shade can be soft or rough. Today’s roller shades are even manufactured single or double cell. The single cell roller shade looks like a honeycomb and the double cell roller shade are just two honeycomb designs combined. These texture window shades come of a variety of colors so the office worker will not have to look at the color of white day in and day out.

Roller shades can be manufactured and purchased in these three styles. There are blackout shades, decorative shades and light filtering solar shades. If an office building has a room where they watch training videos, and this room has windows, they will want to purchase blackout vinyl shades. Blackout shades block 99% of the outside light. This is the perfect window shade for a media or entertainment room. Decorative fabric shades are just that, decorative, and can be manufactured in several fabrics. There are soft and rough fabrics that can also be purchased with a frilly or scalloped bottom to give the window shade a wow effect.

Window shades from a long time ago used to be made with a spring-loaded reverse gear. With new technology and design, today’s roller shades can be made with a smooth lift or continuous cord loop. If a homeowner has children or an office employee brings their young children to work, they can be rest assured the purchase of roller shades with a smooth lift of continuous cord loop will not harm their child in any way. The smooth lift or continuous cord loop are great because they hide the cord from view. These types of cords allow the homeowner or office employee to look at the window blinds, not the cords, but the window coverings. This change of focal point is highly desirable.

Office environments can be noisy, that is just a given. The noise can come from inside and outside an office. Noises, of any kind, can slow down any work productivity. This is when fabric covered window shades are the most appropriate purchase. Roller shades with fabric tend to be dense. This density allows for a quieter office and gives way to more productivity. The best thing about fabric shades is they can be purchased with whatever is in stock through a window decor store or online store and fabric window shades provide excellent insulation.

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