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If you are looking at adding window blinds to your home you know there are lots of different types to choose from, such as metal or plastic blinds, rollers, vertical window shutters, wood venetian blinds and many more. However, aside from the practicality of wood venetian blinds, they are also very stylish and can add a whole new look and feel to your home. For some reason, people tend to overlook the design element of quality wood blinds. This article will focus on all of the ways that blinds can be useful and beneficial to your home, with a special focus on the benefits of wood venetian blinds.

A lot of people don’t automatically think about installing wood venetian blinds, and instead think about adding curtains or drapes when they go to re-decorate their home, which can really limit their decor options considerably. They really only have two functions: opening them to let the light in, or closing them to shut the light out. When you close them you will close yourself off from everything outside completely, but when you open them, everyone outside can see inside your home. To avoid this, some decorators add layers of curtains, with a heavy nighttime curtain to block out all visibility, and a lighter, sheerer fabric that will allow daylight to come in, but adds a little privacy.

Instead of going through all this trouble, a quality set of wood venetian blinds will give you both daytime and nighttime options all in one. You can even close your wooden blinds completely to enjoy 100% privacy, as you would get with a set of heavy curtains, yet without all the bulk of the fabric and the ability to still allow in various levels of daylight and privacy, depending upon the time of day and your activities.

Some decorators prefer to use roller blinds; however this brings us back to the problems associated with fabrics.

There are some definite drawbacks whenever you use fabric for roller blinds or for draperies. Most types of fabric used for these options are very difficult and expensive to care for, so if you get a stain, you’ve got a big job on your hands. In some cases a stain can never be removed. However, if you were to install wooden venetian blinds you would never have to worry about fabric stains, as the wood venetian blinds are generally sealed with a coating that won’t stain and makes them very easy to keep clean. You can use a feather duster to clean them very easily.

Another problem with roller blinds that you don’t have with wood venetina blinds is when you want to adjust them to a setting in the middle. With rollers you can’t really have them in between the up and down setting or only the top half of your window would be private.

A lot of people ask about dedicated wood shutters. Wood shutters aren’t really that different from wood venetian blinds, however because these heavy devices are built into the windows and are difficult to install, they are much more inconvenient for the homeowner.

Wooden venetian blinds, on the other hand, can be easily installed on any window in a very short time, without a lot of effort.

You can really upgrade the entire look and feel of your home just by adding a quality set of blinds. Wood venetian blinds can also be quite versatile and can change the entire mood of a room, for example, a room that is decorated in dark colors could be lightened up with a set of white wood venetian blinds, and a room that is very bright and colorful could become more homey and comfortable with a set of blinds made from exotic woods.

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