Keeping the Bedroom Dark With Window Shades on

Ahh the bedroom. Place of sleep, relaxation and romance. And what do all those activities have in common? A dark room. Some people like to sleep late. Others have shift jobs and have a reason for coming home at 7am every morning. Whatever the reason may be, for privacy or to catch a few extra z’s on the weekend, window coverings are the way to go for light control.

Depending on your needs, you could opt for a full blackout blinds. The point of these blinds is to completely shut out the outside world when lowered. These are best for those who need to sleep in the morning and are sensitive to sunlight. Everyone is sensitive to sunlight to a degree because our body is naturally programmed to wake up on sunrise. Despite what you may tell your friends, humans are not nocturnal. Cellular shades are another type of covering that specializes in insulation and noise reduction through air pockets instead of light control.

For a more natural look, you could use roman or bamboo blinds. These are made from thin strips of reed or similar material sewed together. They roll up just like any other roller blinds, so it is basically open or closed. Lowered, they do allow a small amount of light to filter through. Some companies are combining the roller shade and roman shade into fabric blinds. You can choose any fabric. Some companies have even gotten creative and partnered with Major League Baseball to offer MLB roller blinds.

More beautiful and traditional are wood blinds. These have adjustable slats, so when lowered you can let in the sun and have a view or turn them up for privacy or light control. You could get faux wood blinds, because good wood blinds are a bit pricey.

If you really want to get up there with the custom wood with classy window shades, there is nothing that screams classy South more than plantation shutters. These are sturdy and durable window coverings. You do need to make a custom measurement and get a skilled company to do the work. Unlike storm shutters, these are placed on the inside and are more for looks than protection.

If you already have the window coverings you want and are just looking for a little decoration or protection, then traditional curtains and drapes are a great place to go. They can be installed and taken down with the seasons far easier than a blind.

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