My Top 5 Reasons to Ditch the Mini Blinds and Get Cellular Shades! On

I’m a practical guy. If I’m going to invest in a home improvement, I want to know that it’s going to look good, work well and hassle me as little as possible. That said, I have recently upgraded my standard condo mini blinds to cellular shades. I want to share with you my rationale for upgrading in a simple way: My top 5 reasons to ditch the mini blinds and grab the cellular shades!

5) Cellular shades add a crisp, sleek look to your home. The strong, symmetrical lines add a level of sophistication to your decor. Strong, sharp angles may be 30 years out of style on your 1980 Trans Am; however, the angular and clean look is very chic for interior design.

4) Cellular blinds are incredibly easy to operate. Consider this the following: Your standard set of mini blinds has two control systems that can become a nuisance: tilt and lift. To manage the natural light in your home with mini blinds, you need to constantly raise, lower and tilt them to accommodate the position of the sun. Cellular shades have only one control system that works flawlessly: lift. Since cellular shades control the level of light that enters your room with fabric types, there is no tilt function. If you want more light, raise the blinds. If you want less light, lower the blinds. If you don’t want any light at all, order your cellular shades with room darkening fabric that blocks out sunlight altogether.

3) Cellular blinds are highly customizable! You want to choose between more than PVC or Aluminum blinds? Go cellular! Do you want colors other than black, white, or ivory? Go cellular! Do you worry about the safety of your children or pets that mess with your lift cord? Get a cordless cellular shade! Most cellular shade companies offer cordless lift options to their products at a reasonable price ranging from 15-40 dollars.

2) Cellular shades are durable and easily maintained. Look, things happen. The kids may be playing rough and tumble into those mini blinds. We all know what happens next – they bend or break and never look the same again. Cellular shades are tough. They are made from fabric, so they cannot “break” like mini blinds. I know what you’re thinking – what happens if I spill something on them? No problem. Cleaning cellular blinds is easy! Take them off of the head rail and soak them in a tub with a little detergent and voila! Clean as a whistle and good as new. These things are built to last.

1) I’ve outlined a lot of good reasons for upgrading to cellular blinds in reasons five through two, but I know there are always a few skeptics out there. That is why I have saved the best for last. Cellular shades have a unique honeycomb design that makes them incredibly energy efficient. Typically, they come in two configurations: single-cell and double-cell. The sizes of the cells vary (3/4″, 3/8″, 9/16″ and more) and the size is very important! The smaller the cell size, the more energy efficient the shades become. These cells trap small pockets of air and insulate the interior of your home from the elements outside of your window. By investing in some quality cellular shades, you can literally save money every month on your electric bill because less energy from your heater or air conditioner is able to escape through the unique honeycomb design!

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