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Many of us when we move into a new home begin to form ideas on the best way in which we can assert what we like into decorating it. We immediately go on the hunt for paint chips and ask our friends for tips and ideas on the ways in which we can decorate it. Whenever I move the first thing I change are the windows.

I don’t actually remove and install new windows. I will pull down the standard mini blinds that are usually in place right there and replace them with something that not only looks better – but is easier to clean. One of the best window treatments to use that is goes well in any home are Venetian blinds.


The first thing you need to do is to measure the height and length of the windows. Make sure that you are accurate in your measurements so that when you purchase the blinds they are the perfect size.

You will have to remove the brackets that were holding up the other blinds. When this is done you can install the brackets for the Venetian blinds using the items that came with the product. It is best to use an electric screwdriver to secure it to the window frame.

Place the blinds within the bracket and put the necessary caps inside of them. These are used to keep the blinds from sliding out and falling down on top of you when you open or close them. When you go on to the next windows installing Venetian blinds should only take you a few minutes.

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