Window Blinds – Use Exterior House Shutters to Enhance Your Home on

Exterior window shutters is capable of giving your home a new look and feel, adding to a refreshing new architectural styles. There are fixed as well as movable ones, with the former serving as designing purpose while the latter has an operable purposes, with their slats opened or closed as needed, giving the interior natural sun and light, privacy, or simply a good external view. They are made of a variety of materials the main ones of which are wood, vinyl, fiber glass and aluminum.

The wooden ones are traditional and stylish. Most are made of pine or cedar and those made with the latter materials are very hardy, thereby more able to weather the harsh external environments. They are often used as materials for louvers, raised panels, board and batten, arched etc. Despite high maintenance cost, the versatility of these blinds for windows way surpasses the cost.

Those made of vinyl are molded, very light and affordable, yet last a long time with little or no maintenance required. They come in a variety of color which you can choose to you match your home color theme or paint over the paint primed ones for your desired color. They come either in fixed dimensions or are customizable to home owner needs.

Exterior house shutters made of fiberglass materials are reputed to be of the latest composites used by space age materials which does not warp nor rot. They come with long periods of warranty, are the most expensive shutters but are extremely long lasting at least about 20 years old.

Those made of aluminum materials are of a very light weight, have become a popular replacement for the traditional wooden materials due to their low maintenance, great affordability and strict hurricane engineering standards. Of course though, nothing beats there warm look and feel of wooden shutters.

Regardless of which blinds for windows you choose, you need to match the exterior house windows with your home theme, color and architecture to ensure that you get the best visual and functional effect.

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