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To achieve maximum energy efficiency, you need to cover all those leaking areas. And luckily cellular blinds can be custom made to fit almost any energy-sucking opening. Here are some ideas on how to make your home cozy tight.

Consider your skylights. That is a window. Windows are inefficient in controlling heat. Skylight shades come in cellular and honeycomb designs that will keep out the light and more than half the heat transfer through your windows. Double cell insulating fabric and automatic operation is what you get in top tier cellular skylight blinds. Motorized shades make push-button blind opening a reality.

For French Doors and other full length windows, you can get heat-saving honeycomb blinds that roll up from both the top and bottom to maximize both privacy and view.

Blackout cellular shades can completely shut out the light with snug fitting side tracks. These blinds will give you a good night’s sleep. From lower energy bills. The side slide tracks seal the top and side of the blinds.

A new invention to try and make your cellular shades look a little better is Roman/Cellular fusion blinds. One side is a energy efficient honeycomb design and the other side looks like a Roman blind. So any window can be made efficient with a blind, and still look good.

Most cellular window blinds are cordless to keep pets and children from getting tangled. And custom blinds can be manufactured for arched windows, solariums, or anything else. Modern honeycomb shades are dust repellent, flame retardant, and made of some of the most insulating cloth materials available.

The upper range for insulation among blinds is around 4.6 R. Thin gauge fabric means it rolls up in a small space. The thinnest fabrics are translucent, while thicker ones block out light. Double thickness honeycomb blinds offer more insulation but take up more space.

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