Faux Wood Window Blinds – Your Best Alternative to Afford Wood Window Shades on blindsontime.com

Many people believe wood window shades to be the most appropriate way to decorate a window. They are classic in look and feel, gives great sun control and privacy, as well as provide good insulation. Indeed, they are capable of enhancing the value of your property and often require little or not additions like valances or curtains at all. Unfortunately, there are also many drawbacks which have given rise to gaps which augment the growing popularity of faux wood window blinds.

If you intend to fill up your home with wood window shades, you need to set aside a rather huge budget. Although the prices vary depending on the type of wood materials used, no real wood materials come cheap anyway. But the key drawbacks are mainly functional in nature.
Wood materials are more susceptible to scratches due to the fact that natural wood fibers are softer than composites. Unlike faux or fake wood which are literally made of synthetic fibers and the tenacity is much greater than then their wood counterparts. In fact, manufacturers have the prerogative to develop more hardy fake wood materials in order that the blinds are longer lasting.

Also wood materials have the tendency to warp or develop mold and mildew amidst high humidity. The worst places to hang your wood blinds are your bathrooms, laundry rooms, or the attics. Fake wood on the other hand do not have such a problem as they are made to ensure that the material does not warp in humidity, does not develop mildew in moisture and hence are versatile for use almost everywhere around the house.
Finally, faux wood window blinds are many times easier to maintain, comes in a wide variety of colors and designs than wood window shades. They do not break too easily and are a popular option for families with young children.

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