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So you’ve bought some new drapes and you’ve got them hanging by your windows, adding that extra oomph to your space.  Now what? You have to keep them looking great- try these drapery tips! At times we forget that drapes need some love too. Take these few extra tips in taking care of them and they will be sure to last you for years!

The easiest drapery tip to keep your drapes looking new is by blocking the UV rays with some blinds or shades. As you know, UV rays are damaging to your interiors, especially your curtains if they are not lined, or if they are made of organic fabrics such as cotton or silk. If you do not like the look of blinds or shades with drapes, then another option would be putting UV-blocking film on your windows.

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Another drapery tips is to keep your curtains free from dust. This can be easy if you simply give them a shake everyday.  This will prevent any dirt from settling into the fibers.  One way to make a habit of this is by opening them in the morning and closing them at night. Vacuuming the drapes on low once a month with a soft bristle brush will also combat any unwanted debris.  The bristles will force out any dust that wasn’t shaken off, but make sure that buttons or embellishments are secure so they will not damage.

Only machine-wash your curtains if the label states they are machine washable!! There is less chance of you damaging your drapery if there are no buttons or embellishments, just like vacuuming. Do not overload the washing machine, and remember: be gentle! Rinse gently, tumble dry on low, and iron on the reverse side.

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Pet stains and water stains are nightmares, and with the right steps, they will be gone in no time. First, pre-soak your drapes (add baking soda and lemon juice for extra help) in cold water to get the stain loose. Do not use hot water—or else it will shrink or alter your curtains—and do not mix two differently colored drapes. Once they are all soaked up, you can toss them in the washer (if they are machine-washable) on gentle with cold water. If they are not machine washable, fill your sink with cold water and detergent, soak the drapes in the water, and start to hand wash them by rubbing the drapes together.  Once you are done, let them soak in the water some more and wring out the excess water.

If your curtains are too delicate, your best bet would be taking them to the dry cleaners and have them professionally cleaned.  However, sometimes their time expire and it is time for some new ones. Take a look at our amazing drapery selection at BlindsOnTime.com. Also, if you purchase Levolor blinds or shades from October 15 – December 9, you’ll receive the blinds or shades within 14 days or they’re free!

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