Discount Window Treatments – How Good Are Faux Wood Window Blinds? On

The bad economy has been grueling to a lot of low or even mid income household, where many breadwinners lose their steady paychecks to retrenchments overnight. In such environment, most are strapped by tight budget, and on the search for bargain home decor solutions, like discount window treatments. And amongst these solutions are the very popular faux wood window blinds which are made of synthetic materials, usually combination of composite wood and plastic fibers and others.

One key benefit of the fake wood is that the materials are made to be able to withstand moisture and humidity. This is a critical function as in the lower parts of the country our summers bring rather high humidity. This also explains why these shades are fast becoming the preferred choice by the humid countries like are Japan and the tropical south east asian countries too.

Not only that, faux wood window blinds also have insulation capabilities and they are responsible for keeping in the warmth and keeping out the cold in winter. They function just as well in summer by doing just the opposite. This very function can literally help you save on lower utility bills as well.

They are quite affordable to say the least and also very easy to maintain. Simply clean the slats with a damp cloth on a regular basis and they will look like new everyday of the week. Alternatively, if you are feeling a little lazy, you can use a dust buster and cut your cleaning time by half.

Sometimes, it is rather difficult to differentiate between real and fake wood on some shades. They are made so real that homeowners use them even in their living rooms. In fact, they can literally enhance the resale value of your home since faux wood window blinds tend to make your home look sophisticated and chic without the high cost.

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Cellular Shades – Not Just For Insulation on

Cellular shades are becoming a popular investment for homeowners because of their energy-saving abilities. Cellular blinds also add vibrancy to a room. The tiny interior cells maintain interior temperature when open, and they can roll up when not needed. Usually these blinds are made from plastic for maximum insulation, but they can also be made of different materials like fabric and paper. These shades will be lighter and come in different colors. To get really high tech on the insulation side, these blinds come in multiple cell numbers. These look like like honeycomb shades from the side. They come in multiple colors just like a painted wood blind.

Consumers are turning to window coverings to offset increasing energy cost. The insulating factor of honeycomb blinds is much higher than other window coverings because of the trapped air. It may take several years before the reduced energy consumption pays for the blinds, but it will over time. Reduced energy consumption increases a home’s value. Window coverings also reduce street noise. Their ease of use gives the home all the benefits of light control and energy savings when closed and lets in the view when open. Some models can be opened from both the top and bottom.

Any hardware or home improvement store will have cellular blinds regardless of if they specialize in windows or not. A specialized store will create custom cut honeycomb blinds for a specific size or function. Custom blinds cost more however. You will have to decide on if your home decor is worth the investment of custom blinds. Consider using these if your interior is already professionally designed. Rental homes may be best with a stock design so you do not mind damage or changing when a new tenant moves in. For renters, it is not a good idea to buy custom blinds because they will probably not fit a new place anyway.

Cheap plastic blinds are not the answer because they fall apart and do not provide near th insulation ability. A ready to order cellular shade or faux wood blind can be ordered without the need for a custom manufacturer. A large window will only cost around $100 per window for blinds and they will still come in designs that accent your home decor. Purchasing online can reduce the price, but make sure you have all the right dimensions of your window before ordering.

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Add Luxury and Warmth to your Home Décor With Drapery Panels on

It’s amazing how a simple set of window curtains can add beauty to a room’s décor. It is such a simple addition and one that pays dividends for years to come. If you are considering curtains, consider purchasing drapery panels. They don’t require any complicated measuring and are easy to install.

For many people, curtains have gone the way of other outdated window treatments, like those old bamboo shades or vinyl roller shades. Maybe you have a negative association with window curtains from your great Aunt’s house. You know who I am talking about, that Aunt who had those awful polyester drapes from Montgomery Ward, or some similar store. It’s true that window curtains haven’t changed much in their basic form. They still have many of the same attributes and styles but, what’s changed is the variety of fabrics, textures and colors. So, maybe it’s time to take a fresh look.

I am a big fan of drapes because I believe they add real warmth and luxury to any room. And, they make for such a simple addition. Almost anyone can install them, something rewarding in itself. Once installed, curtains add color, texture, depth – even sound dampening to any room. Colors, patterns and fabrics can be chosen to compliment a room’s color and even other window treatments, such as blinds or shades. And, you don’t have to be as precise with the measurements. Curtains can flop on the floor, or be a few inches above it like high-water pants. Few people would know that it isn’t the look you were going for. You might say that curtains have a built in slop-factor.

Curtains are known by many names including drapes, draperies, curtains and drapery panels. Drapery panels, which are a custom style of drapes, can be purchased one panel at a time to span the width of any size window. You really can’t mess this up, because even if you buy a few too many panels for a window they simply add more fullness to the look.

The real trick with buying drapes, in my opinion, is primarily just getting the color right. A second consideration is choosing the right fabric. Cotton drapes are an easy choice and offer a slightly more casual look, while silk drapes offer a slightly more upscale look. Just consider how they will look with the other elements and colors in a given room. For example, if you have fine furniture in dark wood, you may want to go with silk in a rich color like burgundy. Or, if you have more casual or rustic furniture, like pine or light colored stains, cotton or blended curtains in neutral colors will look great.

If you are not confident in your color-matching abilities, go with basic neutral colors like white, tan or cream. I know that doesn’t sound very imaginative but these colors look great with almost everything; a real no-brainer.

Installing window curtains is simple. If you can drive a few screws into a wall, you can install a curtain rod and hang drapes. The only things you want to watch out for is hanging them straight (obviously) and using pre-drilled holes with plastic grommets for strength if drilling into drywall.

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Micro Blinds, Miniblinds, Blind And Macro Blinds Defined on

When shopping for a new window treatment, you will quickly come across, micro blinds, miniblinds, blinds and even macro blinds. Do you wonder what the difference is? Is there a difference or are they just different names for the same thing? Here we will discuss each one and how the differ.

They Differ in Size
The most obvious difference is in the size. The smallest is the micro blind and the largest in the macro blind. The size refers to the width of each slat.

  • Micro blinds         Generally, micro blinds are ½ inch wide.
  • Miniblinds          Miniblinds are 1 inch wide.
  • Blinds            Blinds are generally around 1 1/2 inches wide.
  • Macro Blinds        Macro blinds are normally 2 inches or bigger.

Of course, this is a rough guide. You can find blinds that are 2 inches and not called  macro blinds. Just like macro blinds, you can find miniblinds that are smaller than an inch and are not called micro blinds. Again, this is a general guideline to size.

Miniblinds: Generic Term for Aluminum Blinds
Miniblind is a generic term used for all aluminum blinds. Whether the blinds are ½ inch or they are a large 2 inch, if they are made from aluminum, you will hear them referred to as miniblinds.

Sometimes the term miniblinds refers to cheap or low quality blinds. It is true that aluminum blinds are cheaper than other materials. However, you can purchase aluminum blinds made from 6 and 8 grade aluminum, which makes them high quality at discount prices.

Blinds: Generic for All Window Treatments
This is most often used in store names. They will have blind or blinds in the name and yet still sell a variety of window treatments. A blinds store could sell solar screens and window shades along with a wide variety of blinds.

Blinds can come in a variety of materials. While most people think of aluminum, blinds can be made from wood, faux wood, fabric, bamboo, or a combination of two different materials.

In addition, blinds can come in any size and any color. They will also come in horizontal and vertical varieties.

Macro Blinds: Big Blinds
You will not hear macro blind used very often. When you do find macro blinds, they will be larger. While you will most likely see this in aluminum blinds, macro blinds

are found in all materials.

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Several Ideas to Make Inexpensive Window Blinds on

Do you want to install window blind for your window treatment? There are some ideas you can do to make your own blind. Mats can be an economical idea for your window blind. The tools you need are also simple, such as cup holder screws, staples, eye screws, and paper clips. Now, you can follow the flowing tips and start making your blinds.

Before starting your work, you have to get the exact measurement for your window opening. The measurement of your window opening will help you determine the size of your blind.

After measuring your window opening, staple the wood slat at the top of your window. Instead, you can also use screws for attaching the wood to the mat. Then, mark the position for the screw at the top of the blind. Place the screw equi-distant apart. Screw the wood through the mat. You will possibly need pliers for last few turns.

Measure the top of your window and mark it. You have to make sure that the cup holder screws should be the same distant as the eye screws. You also have to measure that they have the same total pain. Then, you can attach the eye hooks to each of the cup holders. Hereafter, you should attach the paper clips to the bottom of each mat.

Open blind by using hooks. Hook the clips to the cup holders so that you have the blind opened. In order to get more sunlight, you can fold the mats twice higher by using clips. However, if you have window facing the sunlight, you can add shade to prevent your room for heating faster.

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