Showcase Your Home and Your Style With Unique Custom Draperies on

How you decorate your home is a reflection of your personal aesthetic. There are certain decor elements, like window treatments, that can help you express that style in an effective, direct manner.

When it comes to window coverings, it can be hard to find a ready-made product that truly reflects your taste. Custom draperies, however, let you craft the exact appearance you want to implement. No matter what your style is, you will be able to find the right drapery window treatment to suit your vision.

The first thing to consider in terms of drapery window treatments is exactly what type of drapery you want. There are a whole range of options out there, including:

  • Valances
  • Draperies
  • Curtains
  • Swags
  • Cornices
  • Top treatments

Design professionals will be able to help you evaluate the character of these different elements and ultimately determine what combination of them will best suit your personality, your space and your style. This way, you get custom draperies that are truly in line with what you want and need, and that set you and your home apart.

As window treatments draperies also offer you a high degree of style control in terms of fabric choice. There are a multitude of fabrics available, so between the combination of drapery style and fabric options, you have an infinite palette in front of you. Choose heavy or ornate fabrics for a formal look, or light, airy fabrics for a more casual feel. Interior design experts can help you navigate all of the textile possibilities and will be able to match the right fabric choice to the right style of window drapery to achieve your perfect look.

Creating the right look for your home is a wonderful, satisfying process. Window draperies are a fabulous way to express your style and to implement the appearance you want. With the array of custom drapery styles and fabric choices available you will be able to create an individual, beautiful look that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come.

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Window Treatments – Some Practical and Decorative Ideas on

When deciding on a style or look for window treatments, the needs must be examined first. If you want privacy, consider the direction of the room’s exposure. Windows on the ground floor with a street view require greater privacy. Window treatments that shield or block intense sunlight may be sought if the direction is to the south or west. During cold weather windows may need a window treatment with high thermal element.

Another practical consideration is the window’s design or architecture. Some windows are inherently beautiful. It is not advisable to hide the beauty under loads of staggered fabric. The window treatments must not overwhelm the architecture. They can be decorated in more complementing and downplayed treatments. However, when the window itself is too thin and less appealing, the window dressing can hide the imperfection.

Once the need is addressed, one’s personal style can make the result echoes, heightening the overall interior design of the room. The style of the room provides the parameter for finding the appropriate window treatments. In a country style room simple panels or tab curtains from retro fabrics or lace panels can have a very striking result. Vertical blinds may be appropriate for a traditional room. Where more personal ideas can be used, a one-of-a-kind window dressing that defies convention for self-expression can be used in an eclectic style bedroom. Mural paintings or custom-cut wood valance can add character to a room.

Pattern, color and texture are design tools in window treatments. Where the walls are in bright bold colors, a more elusive palette may be opted. As much as possible avoid a deluge of one color. Find the right complementing colors to be used in dressing the window.

The windows make available the visual movement of pattern and rhythm to a room with fewer furnishings and patterns. Window decorations can include more than one pattern with complemented prints used as the main fabric. When adequate quantity of colors has been included in the d├ęcor, stride lightly with patterns at the window.

More often texture is overlooked as a consideration though it can entirely alter the ambience of a room. A soft, luscious curtain fabric is desired for a hard, preponderantly wood-filled area with few upholstered pieces. Wooden blinds or shades inject the warmth of natural wood tones in a carpeted room with plain wallboard. Create a mixture of textures in a single window treatment to provide richness and depth of the fabric. Make sure your treatments inject the appropriate texture to balance a room.

Window treatments become an effective expression of the personality of the owner when both decorative and practical issues are addressed. When creating beautiful and functional window dressing, strike to balance necessity and design and make any room unique and elegant.

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Skip Partitions And Use Vertical Blinds on

Building walls is usually the way in which people subdivide spaces. This is a great way to make new rooms. However, when doing this, the spaces are permanently divides, and the cost for this type of work is often quite high. Furthermore, building walls often will require pulling construction permits, as well as installing electrical fixtures. In the end, would it not be easier to simply pay much less and use vertical blinds to subdivide these spaces? This is even more commonly the easier choice, when the subdivision is a temporary situation. Vertical blinds are easy to install, and they can be retracted easily.

Often churches and other organizations with large rooms will want to use a folding door, or a different type of retractable room partition to make multipurpose rooms into individual meeting rooms. These partitions are usually noisy and do not insulate much of the distracting sounds. When a simple space divider is what is desired, a vertical blind may be good for the job. Vertical blinds can be retracted, and when done as center opening, vertical blinds can have a small stack on the sides, and almost disappear completely.

In addition to the ability of vertical blinds to retract in different ways, vertical blinds can also be custom made as two unique and independently operated units thus expanding their flexibility. This added flexibility allows the user many more choices regarding the purpose of the vertical blind as it pertains to a specific function. One factor to remember is that normally the width of a vertical blind is limited to sixteen (16) feet and whenever “butted” to a second vertical blind, it can divide a thirty-two (32) foot wide room and thus able to divide most rooms regardless of setting.

Consideration should be given to the fact that vertical blinds operate independently and as a single unit and whenever vertical blinds are “butted” together, controls at the end of each vertical blind will operate each blind independently of one another. Due to the simplicity of operation, dealing with two independent controls is not a hindrance but is actually an advantage for you can retrieve only one of the vertical blinds should that be physically necessary.

As previously mentioned, the use of “butted” vertical blinds may actually be more desirable due to the ability to independently adjust the size of the desired opening and the additional savings realized whenever smaller blinds are shipped. Large items are always more expensive to ship because they require the services of a common carrier versus the relatively inexpensive method of shipping via UPS or FedEx. However, when compared to the cost of building a permanent wall, these costs are usually insignificant.

Regardless of the specific application for a vertical blind, whether as a room divider or as a window/door treatment, the issue of child safety should always be ever present when making the decision. Controls of the vertical blind must always be fastened as recommended by the manufacturer and to meet legal requirements. Vertical blinds normally have two controls – a cord operated carrier control which allows the opening and closing and a chain operated rotator system. These controls allow for the opening and closing of vertical blind and the rotation of the vertical blind louvers.

Another installation issue with this application for vertical blinds. Many large spaces may have excessively high ceilings, or the ceilings may, in fact, be shaped to not accommodate a vertical blind track. For these situations, one should consider installing a hanging strip first. This is a long and straight pice of wood, or metal if preferred, and then the vertical blind track would be installed onto this track.

Although noise control is difficult to fully eliminate, the use of vertical blinds with free hanging fabric louvers can and should be considered. One of the many benefits of using fabric louvers is the quietness achieved by the elimination of the sound of PVC louvers hitting each other due to wind drafts and the use of fans which can continuously move the PVC louvers. Fabric louvers are comparatively noiseless when moved.

The aesthetics of vertical blinds as room dividers will substantially improve by two (2) using valances which will cover the vertical blind hardware on both sides of the vertical blind. Although vertical blinds are typically fabricated including a valance, a second valance should be ordered for this particular application thus creating an acceptable and clean look when viewed from both rooms.

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Window Blinds For the Right Dose of Privacy and Style on

Windows are a defining element of a house. You can do a lot of different things with your windows to achieve a certain kind of look or to change what your home feels like. There are of course different kinds of window coverings available for doing up your place, what you choose and where you place it will decide the look of your home. It is also important to be able to better define the type of coverings in terms of the materials you choose in order to get a better look for your home as well.

Blinds are a great option for windows for when you wish to have a little privacy and insulation. There are horizontal and vertical ones, of which vertical are more suited for sliding doors to allow proper and complete access to the opening. When you have large French windows then this is well suited to those spaces. The vertical varieties also have better adjustability, allowing the vanes to be placed or moved according to your comfort. The vanes of these blinds can also be rotated should you desire that with a wand fitted at the side providing a lot of options in terms of privacy.Window Blinds

These vertical blinds can be used for all shapes of windows, including skylights. They are quite flexible and thus chosen over others for arched and curved window spaces. These are available in a variety of materials ranging from wood to plastic and even cloth. They may be opaque or else completely sheer, letting in ample light. You can get painted wooden blinds for your open spaces to give a little cover from harsh sunlight. The wooden or Faux wooden ones with paintings on it will look beautiful and rustic in your home.

Another option you can consider for your living room area where you will frequently have guests is venetian blinds. They look elegant and stylish, particularly in sheer fabrics. Smooth blinds in a satin finish can also change the look of a room and make it look beautiful. This look will add to the style of your interiors making it bloom when the light comes in. Custom made vertical ones are hugely popular and it can completely change the look of the place. When choosing them for the kitchen you need to make sure you pick out ones that are hardier. Especially when near the tap, it should stay well even with water. For the kitchen and bathroom sheer or darker faux wooden blinds will work well.

When installing your window treatments bear in mind what sort of lighting you need and the effect you wish to achieve, when you choose the pieces accordingly it will complement your home well. Your choices can be varied according to the type of material, the colors of the room, the ambience and more. You can also look at hardier, long lasting varieties for the bathroom as there is constant exposure to water and heat. Blinds are a great idea for your home if you wish to achieve a classy yet rustic look.

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How Honeycomb Blinds Can Insulate As Well As Enhance The Looks Of Your House On

It is important that you should keep your house insulated. The foremost benefit you derive by achieving this is to save a good amount of money on energy bill. Though you need to take many steps for achieving this, the main thing to be done is to do a few changes to your window treatments. By doing appropriate changes to your window treatments, you can definitely achieve the aim of insulating your house. The best window treatment to save your energy bill by insulating your house is to opt for honeycomb blinds. Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb blinds do this task effectively and efficiently because of their thickness and design. Though any other blind can also do the task of filtering incoming heat and light, honeycomb blinds offer an extra benefit. The benefit is that the filter can be set by yourself. You have single, double and triple honeycombs and you can choose the one that has the thickness you want.

Another point is that according to the age of the windows, you should choose the honeycombs. A ten year old window can go well with triple honeycomb cell blinds. These blinds are advised because they can be three times more effective in insulating this ten year old window. If you use a single honeycomb, the end result will not be that effective. You should remember that more the number of cells on the honeycombs, the heavier they become. Therefore, it is better to choose a honeycomb with one or two cells if the window you have is quite a large one.

You should also focus on the design part. The design must not only be highly attractive but the honeycomb should fulfill your functional expectations. The cells of the honeycomb keep the air trapped and this is the function that may increase the insulation. Since there are three cells in a triple cell honeycomb, there is a bigger scope for the air to get trapped in the extra two cells than in a single honeycomb blind.

Honeycomb blinds are liked by many for their aesthetic looks also. If you want to regulate the light in a room and if you want sufficient light, you can opt for a one-cell honeycomb. But, with a three-cell honeycomb, you will have less light and the whole ambiance of the room will turn out to be a romantic one. While selecting the honeycombs, you must choose the colors that go well with the existing decor and color of the walls of the room.

You also get many models of these honeycomb blinds. Vertical, cordless, cellular, blackout and double, single and triple cell honeycombs are there. You should choose the appropriate model that suits your requirements. These honeycombs can also used in the arch of the house to provide insulation and the right amount of light.

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