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People who like the idea of making their home as energy efficient as possible should consider the idea of getting honeycomb shades. These shades come in a variety of different colors as well as six different pleat sizes and your choice of single, double, or triple cell design. Which options you choose depend on the decor of your home and the amount of light you want to come in through the shades.

Windows with arches can be difficult to fit for shades, but with the Bali DiamondCell 3/8 inch Double Cell Northern Lights Cellular Shade Perfect Arch you won’t have any problem. These honeycomb shades come in your choice of 37 different colors, as well as either an inside or outside mount. You can get them as part of an over arch standard treatment or as a stand alone arch depending on how your window is designed.

If you are looking for honeycomb shades for sliding glass doors, the Hunter Douglas Duette 3/4 inch Single Cell Semi-Opaque Honeycomb Shade D2 Elite Vertiglide might just be the perfect thing for you. You have your choice of forty different colors. The shades can be inside or outside mounted, and they can stack either to the left or the right, depending on your preferences. You can also get a valance of either Grandover Alternative Wood or Sydney Aluminum.

The Bali SkyTrack 3/8 inch Double Cell Midnight Blackout Skylight is one of the options for covering up a skylight and keeping out almost all light when you want to keep a room dark. It is available in sixteen different colors. It can be either inside or outside mounted, and you can get an optional extension pole of either 6 feet or 9 1/2 feet for an additional cost.

Those with extra wide windows might be interested in the Graber CrystalPleat 3/8 inch Single Cell Cellular Shade Garden Retreat, since it is 120 inches wide. It also has a special design that includes concealed cords and cord routs so it has a very clean look to it. You can have your choice of 21 colors and an inside or outside mount. There is also a choice between the standard cordlock or paying an extra amount for cordless, mechanized, or other options. You can even purchase a valance to go with it if you so desire.

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Roller Shades Provide a Lovely Solution to Sound Issues in Offices on blindsontime.com

In 2006, it was estimated the 1.4 million people worked in an office environment. If even half of these employees had their own office, their office might have one or two windows. This means, these windows would need to be covered. For any office environment, the best type of window shade would be a roller shade. Roller shades come in many styles, colors and textures. The window shades of today are not limited to the color of white any longer. In fact, whatever color or décor an office is using, that is the same style, color or texture the employee can request when an office manager orders window shades.

Since white is so outdated when it comes to window shades, an office employee can now request any of the primary colors (red, blue and green) to the soft pastel colors (pink, purple and light yellow). The textures of a roller shade can be soft or rough. Today’s roller shades are even manufactured single or double cell. The single cell roller shade looks like a honeycomb and the double cell roller shade are just two honeycomb designs combined. These texture window shades come of a variety of colors so the office worker will not have to look at the color of white day in and day out.

Roller shades can be manufactured and purchased in these three styles. There are blackout shades, decorative shades and light filtering solar shades. If an office building has a room where they watch training videos, and this room has windows, they will want to purchase blackout vinyl shades. Blackout shades block 99% of the outside light. This is the perfect window shade for a media or entertainment room. Decorative fabric shades are just that, decorative, and can be manufactured in several fabrics. There are soft and rough fabrics that can also be purchased with a frilly or scalloped bottom to give the window shade a wow effect.

Window shades from a long time ago used to be made with a spring-loaded reverse gear. With new technology and design, today’s roller shades can be made with a smooth lift or continuous cord loop. If a homeowner has children or an office employee brings their young children to work, they can be rest assured the purchase of roller shades with a smooth lift of continuous cord loop will not harm their child in any way. The smooth lift or continuous cord loop are great because they hide the cord from view. These types of cords allow the homeowner or office employee to look at the window blinds, not the cords, but the window coverings. This change of focal point is highly desirable.

Office environments can be noisy, that is just a given. The noise can come from inside and outside an office. Noises, of any kind, can slow down any work productivity. This is when fabric covered window shades are the most appropriate purchase. Roller shades with fabric tend to be dense. This density allows for a quieter office and gives way to more productivity. The best thing about fabric shades is they can be purchased with whatever is in stock through a window decor store or online store and fabric window shades provide excellent insulation.

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Blackout Honeycomb Shades – Discover Different Types of Honeycomb Shades on Blinds on time.com

There are basically five types of blackout honeycomb shades which you can find on the market. They may be other varieties but there are the best ones I am aware of. They are namely optilight blackout, grand blackout, petite cell, grand blackout, Christopher Lowell and Christopher Lowell raw silk honeycomb shades. They have slight difference among them and one identical characteristic as well. The slight difference is the color and shape.

Let us go into details on the varieties of blackout honeycomb window shades. i have talked about them below.

1. Optilight
It is a mixture of pleat sheer (for a fully unobstructed view) and honeycomb for every season’s energy efficiency. The fabric of its pleat sheer gives uv protection for furnishing.

2. Grand blackout
It has a superb line which will give your room full room darkening. Places like greenhouse, bedroom and media house will benefit a lot from this window shade. The cell used for the production of this window treatment is delineated using two fabric levels and squeezed around the thin and white blackout.

3. Christopher Lowell raw silk blackout cellular shade
It is the best pick for bedrooms, nurseries and media rooms where you require total light check. It has varieties of colors in custom size which is up to 120 inches wide and 120 inches high.

If you ask me to choose the best black shade, I think I would select the optilight blackout honeycomb shade. You should know that it is the most expensive of all the blackout shades but it comes with the most elegant beautiful design.

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Adorn Windows With Stylish Curtain Panels on Blindsontime.com

The curtain panel is the fundamental element of a drapery system. Hung from a rod mounted above the window, panels are usually floor-length, but can also end at the window sash. The variations in the type of fabric, the manner in which the cloth is attached to the rod, the kind of fold and cascade contribute to the aesthetic and functional design of the draperies.

Window curtains originally served a functional purpose-to moderate heat and light. In eighteenth-century Europe, draperies began to take on a decorative as well as functional character. By the end of the century, elaborate designs involving multiple layers of draperies, ornate valances and cornices and a profusion of trimmings were used not only at windows, but also around beds.

Today, such elaboration is often impractical, but both decorative and functional usage combines in the design of most window treatments. Draperies constitute an integral part of the interior design scheme for a room. The fabric and styles contribute to the ambience of the decor-formal, period, romantic, youthful or vintage, for example. The range of fabrics is extensive, including cottons, linen, velvet, man-made materials, barkcloth and many types of silk. Styles include tab-topped, eyelet or grommet, pleated and shirred.

Ready-made panels come in a variety of sizes, styles and materials, providing easy decorating solutions for most rooms and many types of windows. Standard lengths satisfy most installation needs, allowing the rod height to be adjusted above the window to suit personal taste. Extra-long lengths may be placed on tall windows, or be gracefully “puddled” on the floor. Rod-pocket sizes accommodate a number of standard pole diameters.

A wide selection of fabrics and styles, both lined and unlined, can be found to complement a range of decorative themes. For the minimalist, eyelet curtains mounted on a smoothed wooden pole with finials in a simple ball motif present an uncluttered look. For a modern romantic look, layers of thin, gauzy curtains, such as shirred lace casements behind gracefully draped organza embroidered curtain panels, let light through while maintaining privacy.

Custom-made panels ensure that fabrics, styles and sizes are specifically tailored to complement the scale, colors and patterns of décor. Full-length, light-colored pleated linen drapes installed on a simple brass rod lend a contemporary air to a period room. Simple window treatments provide fresh contrast to the ornate motifs of traditional furnishings such as those of the Louis XV style.

Particular types of curtains have specific functions and are constructed accordingly. Thermal curtain panels insulate from heat and cold either by an interlining inserted between the fabric and lining, or by special materials that have insulating properties.

Whether traditional, tailored, modern or vintage, curtain panels in both ready-made and custom made formats accommodate personal taste and a range of décor.

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Faux Wood Window Blinds – At Par With the Genuine Wooden Type on Blindsontime.com

Faux wood window blinds serve as worthy window treatment alternatives to the genuine wood blinds. They are considered durable yet classy – certainly they appear much like they are created from genuine wood material. More so what is great about them is that they can be purchased at lesser cost. Indeed, when talking about wood faux mini blinds, it can be said that they are durable and long lasting. Unlike the real wood blinds, which are easily damaged when treated to moisture and water exposure. This makes them less durable and has the tendency to deteriorate more easily.

Actually, such faux wood window blinds are created with the use of such materials like vinyl based compounds or a mixture of vinyl and wood. The wood-like window blinds treatments are actually made of whole polymer material or mix wood and polymer.

Main advantage of such faux blinds is that it takes a long time before they get dirty. This is why they are very easy to clean. When cleaning your blinds, all you have to do is wipe of the dirt gently with a dry cotton cloth. You just need to make a few wipes and the blinds will again become tidy and looking new. Indeed, most consumers and interior decorators love to install faux wood window blinds on windows not just because they boast of overall product quality but because of its great and attractive appearance. Faux blinds are definitely durable and despite exposure to harsh elements will not warp, crack or fade.

Lastly, it can be said that faux wood blinds definitely perform as well as the real wood blinds, if not better. They control totally the entry of lights through your bedroom. Also, they work in maintaining the privacy that you want to enjoy while inside your room. They work to maintain the temperature of your room, cooling it while it is summer time and cooling your room when experiencing summer time.

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