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New blinds can really alter the look of your room and are an important part of your interior decorating project. When you are choosing your window blinds there are a number of varieties of style, material and color on the market. Window blinds can be a significant investment so it is worth giving some consideration to all the types available before you make your final decision.

Firstly you will want to decide between horizontal and vertical blinds. Depending on the look you are hoping to create, horizontal blinds are more often used in the home as they tend to give a softer effect. Vertical shades are more frequently used in offices, but if you are aiming for a modern, minimalist look they can be great for your home too. Some of the choices in horizontal shades are outlined below.

Roller blinds are a traditional style of vinyl window shade, which roll around a pole when drawn up. Many people favor neutral shades such as white and cream that blend well with any décor and bring light to your room. There are more lively varieties available however, with modern roller blinds available in bright colors, fashionable designs and stylish patterns. Roller blinds are available with a choice of hem designs including scalloped, notched and curved.

Roman blinds are more in vogue than their rolling predecessors. They are of a simple design, a rectangle of material, just larger than the window, which can be drawn up towards the ceiling in folds of equal size.

A close relative of the roman blind is the cascade blind. These are also made from a simple rectangle of material, but are designed to be drawn up in folds of different sizes. These shades have embedded pull cords, set a few inches from both edges. When the blind is fully extended and then pulled up, a cascade of material is formed in front of the window.

Another version of the same principle is a fan shade. Instead of having a pull cord on each side, the fan blind has just one, straight down the middle. When the fully extended blind is partially pulled up, a fan shape is created, leaving part of the window uncovered to let in light.

A balloon blind is made by gathering material in scallops all the way across the window. This is achieved using a drawstring system. The design of a balloon blind can be altered by leaving out the drawstrings at the edges of the window. This causes tails to drop down on either side of the window. A skirted balloon is another similar design. The drawstrings do not run all the way to the bottom of the blind, so a flat section is left for the fabric scallops to fall against.

Other relatives of the balloon blinds are the cloud and Austrian shades. The cloud version has a gathered section at the top of the shade creating an interesting affect. The Austrian blind uses much more material, so that even when the shade is lowered to cover the window, there are scalloped folds covering the full length of the blind.

Pleated blinds are a simpler version of balloon blinds. They are made from concertinaed paper or material, which is flat when fully extended. The folds get tighter as the blinds are drawn up.

Finishing touches to shades can include tassels, fringing and ribbons. Blinds may be used on their own or in conjunction with curtains or drapes. You need to carefully select the right combination of color, design and fabric to give your shades the required feel, whether that is traditional, warm and cozy, or modern, clean cut and funky. Blinds are not necessarily a very expensive item so you could experiment to achieve the right look without a great deal of expense.

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Hunter Douglas Blinds – A Name You Should Know If You Are Redoing the Window Coverings in Your Home

If you’re outfitting your new home with window treatments, Hunter Douglas should merit serious consideration before you go anywhere else for blinds or any other window coverings. Why make it more overwhelming than it has to be when you can go with the best in the business to solve a big part of your interior decorating problems?

Hunter Douglas has been a leader in the blinds business for long enough to have established a rock-solid reputation for delivering quality time and time again. From Henry Sonnenberg’s humble start while learning the ins and outs of the machine tool distribution business in 1919 to his teaming up with Joe Hunter in 1946 to build slats for Venetian blinds, the Hunter Douglas name is backed by a history of precision and craftsmanship. And that name, curiously enough (or at least the Douglas part of it), came randomly from a phone book as Mr. Sonnenberg liked the ring of it better than his own.

More important than the name is the quality. Underscoring the quality, Hunter Douglass has defined it since 1946 as evidenced by its continued growth over the years. Today their repertoire includes an attractive variety of high quality shades, shutters, blinds and more. Peruse their selection of window coverings — you are sure to be enticed.

Cellular shades from the Duette line are perfect for any room in the house and offer a combination of simple elegance and functionality. The honeycomb blinds are built to complement an understated elegance with durability. The variety of fabrics available allow you, the homeowner, to achieve a number of different effects. Let light filter though a sheer blind and highlight certain interior features of a room or block the light out entirely to foster daytime sleeping or eliminate exterior light intrusion. The wide array of colors allows you to feed your designer impulses too.

For the classic wood look, Hunter Douglas has you covered as well. Go with the real wood of traditional blinds or choose an easy-to-clean and easy-to-maintain imitation wood blind. Their Country Woods Classics and Chalet Woods blinds are just a couple of wood blind options for you to think about. For the durable imitation wood blinds, they deliver again with its Everwood Blinds — faux wood blinds designed to take a beating and not come out worse for the wear

For light-filtering elegance, nothing tops the Alustra Collection. If you want the sheer effect that lends privacy, but still leaves an unencumbered view, Hunter Douglas gives it to you. With the Alustra Collection, you have the option to switch from view enhancement to complete darkness with the click of a button. Your fingertips can essentially control the mood of any room.

Why fool around with anything less? Get the best because you and your home deserve the best. For blinds, shades, shutters and more, Hunter Douglas knows the score.

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Roller Shades For Windows on blinds on time.Com

Roller shades for windows have been around forever. The reason is simply that nothing else can do the job of filtering or blocking light as well as a window shade. Fortunately, the traditional shade has a new look and comes in colors and designs to please even the fussiest person. They can also enhance a room’s decor at a very economical price.

Whether you want to merely darken a room, or add a touch of flair to a dull area, window shades offer endless possibilities. Shades can be fringed, scalloped, stenciled or dyed bright colors. They can come in prints or even look like paintings; and the materials to choose from can seem endless. You can choose from old-fashioned spring roller shades to manual rollers to motorized rollers for hard to reach windows.

A popular window dressing for large windows is the bamboo roller shade. These shades are great for accenting a room or office with large corner windows and also for use in patios, to shade from the sun and provide privacy. Bamboo roller shades can make a room or patio feel intimate and inviting without costly structural work. They can be lowered or raised at will and change a room’s feeling in just a few seconds. Bamboo is a beautiful, all natural material that can be used outdoors as well as indoors.

Cotton roller shades are still the traditional choice, with some of the man made fabrics being frequently used for decorative purposes or for the total darkening of a room. If you still remember being startled when an old-fashioned shade suddenly wrapped itself up, with a lot of noise, and then flew off the widow to come crashing down, these types of problems have been solved with new manufacturing technology. If you are still not convinced, manual ones that can be easily raised and lowered and freely positioned have become quite popular and come in as many choices as spring roller shades.

While the roller shade of the past was solely used to stop the sunlight from entering a room, the window shades of today are considered a lovely room accent and are often used alone, without curtains or drapes. A lovely window no longer needs to be completely surrounded by curtains to be acceptable. A shade that is decorative and handsome to look at can be kept half rolled or all the way down to enhance a room’s decor.

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Plantation Shutters are a Good Long Term Investment For Your Home Sublime

Plantation shutters, also called window shutters or interior shutters, are the classic wood shutters you’ve seen in those majestic Southern homes; just to give you a reference. That’s not to say that they are not popular all over. Plantation shutters are the classic window treatment, offering good looks, long life, good insulating properties and more.

Plantation shutters should not be confused with Bahama shutters which are actually a type of external shutter, hinged at the top of the window, and can be lowered to protect windows from flying debris from tropical storms and hurricanes.

Shutters are not cheap; let’s get that out of the way right away. There are, admittedly, many cheaper window treatments options available. Shutters are a long term consideration. But, they are worth the extra money. They look good with just about any décor and even add to a home’s curb appeal. A house for sale with plantation shutters will usually list them as a feature so they add value to a home.

You can find less expensive plantation shutters made from vinyl, or faux wood (composite). The cost savings between real wood shutters and vinyl shutters is approximately 25% and about 20% for composite wood. Plantation shutters also come stained or painted, the latter option being the least expensive. An additional benefit of vinyl or faux wood plantation shutters is that they won’t warp, crack or split in hot or humid areas, like kitchens and bathrooms. When planning your order, you may want to keep that in mind.

Shutters are highly versatile. They can block light very effectively or let in plenty of sunshine just by raising or lowering the louvers, which range in size from 2 ½” to 4 ½”. If you are covering a large picture window, I recommend the larger louver size as they allow greater see-through. You can custom order them to fit windows of just about any size or shape. Shutters offer effective insulation, a real plus in almost any climate.

One limitation of plantation shutters is that the color choices are somewhat limited. Generally, the painted shutters come in white, off-white, alabaster, and similar shades. These are colors that won’t clash with any décor. The stained shutters come in colors from natural to dark walnut. One reason for the limited painted colors is that shutters are a very prominent addition to a room or home and bright or dark colors would tend to dominate the color scheme.

Real wood shutters usually come in premium hardwoods and are hand-sanded for a smooth finish so they are like fine furniture. And just like fine furniture, wood shutters make a statement about the home and the homeowners – that they care about their home and want only the best. If you are going to purchase real wood shutters, you may want to consider the stained variety as opposed to the painted ones. Why waste all that beautiful wood if you are going to paint over it? Then you may as well save money by purchasing the vinyl or faux wood shutters.

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How You Can Order Plantation Shutters Online with Blinds on

A great place to buy Plantation shutters is online. While some of the stores that used to stock them now no longer appear to, there are many new online stores that deal specifically in window treatments, and even some that deal only in shutters.

The more expensive shutters are those that are made from top hardwood. Quite often these shutters are totally custom-designed, meaning that you can ask for specifically sized shutters and choose what size slats you want and how the finish should look. On the other end of the spectrum you will find vinyl or faux wood shutters that are more often found in standard sizes, and are not as customizable as other types.

Another point to note, when order cheaper shutters online is that they are usually made to be self-installed. Thankfully, they are usually fairly easy to install and you do not have to be a carpenter to put them up. If you, or someone in your family, can drill a hole and use a screwdriver, you should be able to install your own standard plantation shutters. Most of the stores that sell shutters online also offer free shipping, which is a help in cutting back on costs.

If you decide to order custom designed shutters online you will need to be very specific with your order, both in terms of the actual size and shape of your window as well as the type of wood you would like the shutter made from. It may be better, if you have an unusually shaped window such as one with an arch, to have someone come and measure the window rather than trying to send the specs over the internet. If your window is at least an easily measurable standard design it should be a fairly simple matter to measure and order online. Often times, if you are buying more expensive designer shutters online, you can request a sample of the actual woods and stains they use so that you can more accurately decide what shade would fit best with your current decor and furniture. Also, if you go to all the trouble of ordering designer shutters, it may be worth your while to pay a little extra and have a craftsman install them for you.

With so many stores offering shutters and window treatments for sale, you will find that prices will vary tremendously from store to store, and depending on the options you choose and the material you request your shutters to be made from. It is fairly easy, however, to make comparisons based on the prices and quotes you receive and you should be able to find something that suits your budget and your taste fairly easily.

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