Plantation Shutters Provided By Blinds

Shutters have been around a long time. Shutters were one of the only choices for window dressing way before southern plantations made them famous, and modern shutter design can make the plantation look like the Stone Age.

But there is something special about the plantation that image of the refined and remote, the welcoming yet mysterious that makes the plantation shutter firmly entrenched in the Americana mystique. Originally made for the English aristocracy, the shutters started off as solid boards over the lower, glassless portion of a window. Evolving over time, plantation shutters are installed inside instead of out, to allow occupants to control shade and privacy from within. On the interior, these wooden shutters will last a long time and add class value to your home. Like other wood shades, they are versatile enough to be the main piece of both traditional and contemporary decor.

Plantation shutters have a pleasing appearance that stands alone without drapes or curtains. They regulate light and provide insulation like a wood blind. When open, the idea was that they would let in fresh air, and when not in use would look like a decorative wall panel. Now, much more than wood blinds, they are used for their decorative, rather than functional value. They still insulate, and block out UV light.

Plantation shutters are the most aristocratic covering you can have for your windows. The timeless elegance never wavers with changing styles. Wood blinds are the modern window covering, while shutters are timeless. Shutters are on the short list on classy home upgrades, along with the fireplace and tiling.

Shutters have always been the realm of the custom designer, and modern shutters can be used over a variety of openings other than the standard window. Plantation shutters can dress up your sliding glass door and make it something beautiful as well as functional. French doors are also a prime candidate for shutters. Shutter slat design has changed over time, but all shutters are cordless. This is a safety feature only rootless wood blinds can match.

Shutters can be made from a variety of woods as well as vinyl. Vinyl might seem like heresy for some, but is a less expensive alternative and actually easy enough to install for the do-it-yourself types. Otherwise, shutters can come in even more wood types than the typical wood blind. Because they are mounted on the inside and primarily decorative, almost any type of wood can be used. Hardwoods are still recommended because of their stability.

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Wood Venetian Blinds with Blinds on

Bring a classic appeal and natural touch to the ambiance of your home by using wood venetian blinds. It’s perfectly natural for all of us to desire a comfortable feel in our homes. A big part of the appeal of Venetian wooden blinds is that they provide just the right element of comfort.

There is a wide range of types and styles of Venetian wooden blinds ranging from contemporary types through synthetic wood designs. Their traditional look and feel with a modern aesthetic character makes venetian blinds an ideal purchase and a widely sought after product.

Discount window blinds with standard blinds, the cost of genuine Venetian wood blinds may be slightly higher, but that small difference in price is more than offset by the elegance that is brought to your home design. This demanded and sophisticated product adapts to virtually all rooms and themes.

Any number of finishes such as golden oak, warm cherry, or cottage pine is available in the wooden materials used in these venetian blinds. No matter how simple or complex a room design may be the darker shades of mahogany or almond will add an elegant touch to the room. Your Venetian wooden blinds will not predominate in your room, but will compliment and blend well with the environment and colors of your home.

Compared to the standard white or beige blinds on the shelf, Venetian wooden blinds are well recommended. They offer a longer life span, considerable durability and much practicality. A dampened cloth or a feather duster suffices to maintain and clean Venetian wood blinds. Wood blinds have years of life: they’ll never fade in beauty when given special attention and care in their maintenance.

When you do purchase this type of wooden blind there are some considerations you must keep in mind. They should not be placed in any room having high humidity such as your kitchen or bathrooms. The color and texture of your wooden venetian blinds can be severely affected by the steam and heat these rooms can generate.

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Window Coverings for Corner Windows with Blinds on

Windows in unusual locations like the corner of your room might be harder to find window coverings for, but they also open you up to many creative design options. Corner windows are especially loved by interior decorators because of the great amount of light they give the decorator to work with. Usually they do not have both a view and light from two directions.

The first great choice you have is to find the color and design of your corner window coverings. Remember that you have extra light to work with, so take a review of the current interior. Take note of furniture and color schemes, then choose cellular shades or window coverings to compliment those themes.

The size of the windows are also important. When doing any window work, for example for replacing windows for increased heating efficiency, you need to make sure all measurements are accurate. The window coverings are actually large than the window opening to ensure complete coverage in most instances.

One thing that amateur interior decorators often forget to accentuate is the height of a room. Tall ceilings almost always look more attractive. You can use a vertical blind design to help show this off. Vertical blinds control light just like normal venetian blinds. They can be used for light control, when a blackout is wanted. For a more homely cozy fashion, consider wood blind material for your vertical blinds. They may be more expensive, but certainly look better than cellular shades.

In the kitchen or dining room, corner windows add a whole new flavor. In the kitchen, these are often located near the sink, where light is more important than decoration. In dining rooms on the other hand, you will want a handsome window blind because that is where you entertain guests. For privacy, you can use roman or roller shades, while wood blinds are more attractive. Roller or honeycomb blinds do a better job of completely elimination light a la blackout shades.

If the corner is really wide, you may have trouble finding pre-made shades. Instead, custom blinds manufacturers may be the place to go. Curtains and drapes may be hard to find as well. Look for something that hooks up with the valance because this should span the whole window. Interior decorators take these situations as a positive creative challenge and often come back with interesting fabric designs to span the windows.

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Cellular Shades – Not Just For Insulation with Blinds on

Cellular shades are becoming a popular investment for homeowners because of their energy-saving abilities. Cellular blinds also add vibrancy to a room. The tiny interior cells maintain interior temperature when open, and they can roll up when not needed. Usually these blinds are made from plastic for maximum insulation, but they can also be made of different materials like fabric and paper. These shades will be lighter and come in different colors. To get really high tech on the insulation side, these blinds come in multiple cell numbers. These look like like honeycomb shades from the side. They come in multiple colors just like a painted wood blind.

Consumers are turning to window coverings to offset increasing energy cost. The insulating factor of honeycomb blinds is much higher than other window coverings because of the trapped air. It may take several years before the reduced energy consumption pays for the blinds, but it will over time. Reduced energy consumption increases a home’s value. Window coverings also reduce street noise. Their ease of use gives the home all the benefits of light control and energy savings when closed and lets in the view when open. Some models can be opened from both the top and bottom.

Any hardware or home improvement store will have cellular blinds regardless of if they specialize in windows or not. A specialized store will create custom cut honeycomb blinds for a specific size or function. Custom blinds cost more however. You will have to decide on if your home decor is worth the investment of custom blinds. Consider using these if your interior is already professionally designed. Rental homes may be best with a stock design so you do not mind damage or changing when a new tenant moves in. For renters, it is not a good idea to buy custom blinds because they will probably not fit a new place anyway.

Cheap plastic blinds are not the answer because they fall apart and do not provide near th insulation ability. A ready to order cellular shade or faux wood blind can be ordered without the need for a custom manufacturer. A large window will only cost around $100 per window for blinds and they will still come in designs that accent your home decor. Purchasing online can reduce the price, but make sure you have all the right dimensions of your window before ordering.

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The Benefits of woven roman shades and blinds.

Roman shades are inexpensive and elegant window treatment to block the sun or prying eyes of nosy neighbors. Roman shades can be purchased or made cheaply and relatively simply by the do-it-youselfer.

Traditional Roman shades are made from fabric that is pleated in regular intervals. Bamboo Roman shades, however, are a stylish alternative to fabric Roman shades. Bamboo Roman shades are perfect for rooms with Asian-inspired themes or rooms with an earthy, casual feel. Their natural feel can subtly frame your gorgeous window-view. Bamboo Roman shades can also be on glass doors that open into a sunroom, screened in porch, or deck for a natural bridge between the indoors and outdoors.

A variety of bamboo Roman shades are available. Most shades are a light wood color, but bamboo Roman shades can be found in deeper colors or patterns like tortoise shell inspired shades. The bamboo can lie flat, or be woven in a pattern. Shop around to find a shade that fits perfectly with your room.

Bamboo Roman shades are easier to clean than fabric shades. You can wipe them with a damp towel or vacuum them for a simple wash that will remove dust and dirt.

Most home improvement or department stores sell bamboo Roman shades. Be sure to measure the window or door you’d like to cover before going to the store or ordering online.

If money is tight, consider alternating store-bought bamboo Roman shades with homemade fabric Roman shades in a room with many windows. Homemade fabric shades are cheap and easy to make and can have the same understated elegance of more expensive bamboo Roman shades.

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