Child Saftey

Light Filtering Honeycomb (Cordless)

If your nervous about the cords on your window coverings harming your toddler, try our safety features options! We have continuous cord loops, motorized options, cord cleats, the wand, and cordless operating systems that keep the cords out of the way from your children and pets. Here are some options of our child-safe features.

Honeycomb Shades

Cellular Shades, also called Honeycomb Shades are named because of their shape which is made of single cells glued together, while on the side, it looks like a honeycomb. Blinds On Time’s Cellular Honeycomb Shades are both durable, and energy efficient. They get their energy efficiency from the pockets of air the cells create. Our cellular shades come in both Light Filtering, and Room Darkening. The insulation of the Honeycomb Shades keep warmth in during the winder, and heat out during the summer while blocking out 99% of damaging UV rays. They come with a bunch of different options – standard cord, continuous cord, top down/bottom up, and top down.

Room Darkening

Light Filtering

How To: Clean Wood Blinds

Keeping your wood blinds clean are essential to both a better looking window, and longer lasting blinds! Like any other piece of wood furniture, wood blinds gather dust and dirt, and need special treatment to keep them looking new! If you can’t find the time to frequently clean them, make sure you at least dust them every once in a while. Here are a couple of steps to help you keep your blinds spic and span!

  1. Before beginning, lay down a sheet under your blinds, so that any falling dust or dirt will fall on it (so you won’t have to clean your floors afterwards, too).
  2. First, grab a duster and (preferably with cloth or wool because feather dusters just scatter the dust) close the blinds in one direction, dust top to bottom.
  3. Then, switch the direction of the blinds, and repeat.
  4. You may then want to use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner and softly vacuum each slat.
  5. Finally, you’ll want to wipe them with a soft cloth, perhaps using Pledge or any type of multi surface cleaner for wood furniture, and wipe across each slat.

After you’re done you can shake out your sheet outside along with your dusters and throw your cloths in the laundry. You’ll be left with shiny, dustless wood blinds…leaving you with a lovely window setting.

Coming Soon: Diffusion Blinds

Coming soon to are Bali’s Diffusion Blinds! These blinds are embossed acrylic. They give you privacy, as well has allowing natural light flow into your room. The visibility of an object depends on how close it is to the window – the farther you are, the less visible. These Diffusion Blinds come in a variety of patterns and colors (examples below!), making your windows a bit more eclectic! They’re aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean! Look out for our Diffusion Blinds soon!

Feng Shui

If you’re interested in Feng Shui…You can let good energy (chi) in, or close it out depending on the window treatments you choose for your window. You should let chi in if your window has a lovely view. You can use Draperies to let some light in, and to not block your view entirely. Roller Shades are also a great option because they give more energy. You can use different colors and patters with your Roller Shades to influence the feng shui in your room. Roller Shades are great because they can block out a bad view, but also let natural light flow into your room.

However, if your windows overlook a busy street, with bustling cars, then, you’ll want to block out the negative chi (sha chi). To block out the negative energy, you can use shutters. Shutters block out light even better than draperies. Remember to open your windows on a nice day to allow good energy to flow throughout your room.