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The curtain panel is the fundamental element of a drapery system. Hung from a rod mounted above the window, panels are usually floor-length, but can also end at the window sash. The variations in the type of fabric, the manner in which the cloth is attached to the rod, the kind of fold and cascade contribute to the aesthetic and functional design of the draperies.

Window curtains originally served a functional purpose-to moderate heat and light. In eighteenth-century Europe, draperies began to take on a decorative as well as functional character. By the end of the century, elaborate designs involving multiple layers of draperies, ornate valances and cornices and a profusion of trimmings were used not only at windows, but also around beds.

Today, such elaboration is often impractical, but both decorative and functional usage combines in the design of most window treatments. Draperies constitute an integral part of the interior design scheme for a room. The fabric and styles contribute to the ambience of the decor-formal, period, romantic, youthful or vintage, for example. The range of fabrics is extensive, including cottons, linen, velvet, man-made materials, barkcloth and many types of silk. Styles include tab-topped, eyelet or grommet, pleated and shirred.

Ready-made panels come in a variety of sizes, styles and materials, providing easy decorating solutions for most rooms and many types of windows. Standard lengths satisfy most installation needs, allowing the rod height to be adjusted above the window to suit personal taste. Extra-long lengths may be placed on tall windows, or be gracefully “puddled” on the floor. Rod-pocket sizes accommodate a number of standard pole diameters.

A wide selection of fabrics and styles, both lined and unlined, can be found to complement a range of decorative themes. For the minimalist, eyelet curtains mounted on a smoothed wooden pole with finials in a simple ball motif present an uncluttered look. For a modern romantic look, layers of thin, gauzy curtains, such as shirred lace casements behind gracefully draped organza embroidered curtain panels, let light through while maintaining privacy.

Custom-made panels ensure that fabrics, styles and sizes are specifically tailored to complement the scale, colors and patterns of décor. Full-length, light-colored pleated linen drapes installed on a simple brass rod lend a contemporary air to a period room. Simple window treatments provide fresh contrast to the ornate motifs of traditional furnishings such as those of the Louis XV style.

Particular types of curtains have specific functions and are constructed accordingly. Thermal curtain panels insulate from heat and cold either by an interlining inserted between the fabric and lining, or by special materials that have insulating properties.

Whether traditional, tailored, modern or vintage, curtain panels in both ready-made and custom made formats accommodate personal taste and a range of décor.

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Faux Wood Window Blinds – At Par With the Genuine Wooden Type on

Faux wood window blinds serve as worthy window treatment alternatives to the genuine wood blinds. They are considered durable yet classy – certainly they appear much like they are created from genuine wood material. More so what is great about them is that they can be purchased at lesser cost. Indeed, when talking about wood faux mini blinds, it can be said that they are durable and long lasting. Unlike the real wood blinds, which are easily damaged when treated to moisture and water exposure. This makes them less durable and has the tendency to deteriorate more easily.

Actually, such faux wood window blinds are created with the use of such materials like vinyl based compounds or a mixture of vinyl and wood. The wood-like window blinds treatments are actually made of whole polymer material or mix wood and polymer.

Main advantage of such faux blinds is that it takes a long time before they get dirty. This is why they are very easy to clean. When cleaning your blinds, all you have to do is wipe of the dirt gently with a dry cotton cloth. You just need to make a few wipes and the blinds will again become tidy and looking new. Indeed, most consumers and interior decorators love to install faux wood window blinds on windows not just because they boast of overall product quality but because of its great and attractive appearance. Faux blinds are definitely durable and despite exposure to harsh elements will not warp, crack or fade.

Lastly, it can be said that faux wood blinds definitely perform as well as the real wood blinds, if not better. They control totally the entry of lights through your bedroom. Also, they work in maintaining the privacy that you want to enjoy while inside your room. They work to maintain the temperature of your room, cooling it while it is summer time and cooling your room when experiencing summer time.

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Choosing the Perfect Horizontal Shades On blinds on

New blinds can really alter the look of your room and are an important part of your interior decorating project. When you are choosing your window blinds there are a number of varieties of style, material and color on the market. Window blinds can be a significant investment so it is worth giving some consideration to all the types available before you make your final decision.

Firstly you will want to decide between horizontal and vertical blinds. Depending on the look you are hoping to create, horizontal blinds are more often used in the home as they tend to give a softer effect. Vertical shades are more frequently used in offices, but if you are aiming for a modern, minimalist look they can be great for your home too. Some of the choices in horizontal shades are outlined below.

Roller blinds are a traditional style of vinyl window shade, which roll around a pole when drawn up. Many people favor neutral shades such as white and cream that blend well with any décor and bring light to your room. There are more lively varieties available however, with modern roller blinds available in bright colors, fashionable designs and stylish patterns. Roller blinds are available with a choice of hem designs including scalloped, notched and curved.

Roman blinds are more in vogue than their rolling predecessors. They are of a simple design, a rectangle of material, just larger than the window, which can be drawn up towards the ceiling in folds of equal size.

A close relative of the roman blind is the cascade blind. These are also made from a simple rectangle of material, but are designed to be drawn up in folds of different sizes. These shades have embedded pull cords, set a few inches from both edges. When the blind is fully extended and then pulled up, a cascade of material is formed in front of the window.

Another version of the same principle is a fan shade. Instead of having a pull cord on each side, the fan blind has just one, straight down the middle. When the fully extended blind is partially pulled up, a fan shape is created, leaving part of the window uncovered to let in light.

A balloon blind is made by gathering material in scallops all the way across the window. This is achieved using a drawstring system. The design of a balloon blind can be altered by leaving out the drawstrings at the edges of the window. This causes tails to drop down on either side of the window. A skirted balloon is another similar design. The drawstrings do not run all the way to the bottom of the blind, so a flat section is left for the fabric scallops to fall against.

Other relatives of the balloon blinds are the cloud and Austrian shades. The cloud version has a gathered section at the top of the shade creating an interesting affect. The Austrian blind uses much more material, so that even when the shade is lowered to cover the window, there are scalloped folds covering the full length of the blind.

Pleated blinds are a simpler version of balloon blinds. They are made from concertinaed paper or material, which is flat when fully extended. The folds get tighter as the blinds are drawn up.

Finishing touches to shades can include tassels, fringing and ribbons. Blinds may be used on their own or in conjunction with curtains or drapes. You need to carefully select the right combination of color, design and fabric to give your shades the required feel, whether that is traditional, warm and cozy, or modern, clean cut and funky. Blinds are not necessarily a very expensive item so you could experiment to achieve the right look without a great deal of expense.

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Aluminum Mini Blinds – Wise Window Treatment Options with Blinds on

Many realize that aluminum mini blinds are inexpensive alternatives to window treatments as well as coverings as they effectively eliminate excessive rays from the sun hence protect the privacy of the home owner. Aluminum mini blind products also allow windows to completely open or close or simple allow minimal illumination to enter your room consequently enhancing the room environment.

Needless to say aluminum blinds are convenient and fast to install. Practically anyone is capable of installing such products themselves, with the pre-cut models fitting almost every type of window. You may install them in the interior window header or upon its surface. Most available styles and models can be enjoyed in various colors, making them compliment all types of room. Once installed, these window treatments are quick to open up or shut off.

Aluminum mini blind products are actually priced cheap, it just depends on the quality of the materials used to manufacturer them. Albeit of course, there are models that are of superior quality and therefore priced expensively. These treatments can be had in standard sizes, shapes and lengths – still you can shorten one yourself for it to fit your window.

Still not all abode have standard windows, which means specially manufactured aluminum blinds must be requested to fit different sized windows. Precise measuring must be done, allowing for little room space on the sides to make sure that the model will fit. In ancestral abode, windows are expected to be shaped as anything but square. It is recommended therefore that the blind headers are level for the treatment to fall down straight when already hanged or retracted.

Many aluminum mini blinds have slats with a 1 inch size. But there are also models that possess slats of 2 or more inches. At any rate, slats can be easily dirtied with dust and soil. The good thing is that you can have them cleaned easily by the use of a vacuum cleaner equipped with brush attachment.

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Window Hardware and Shutter Hinges with Blinds on

In window hardware, shutter hinges are just a piece that keeps the shutter fastened to the wall, isn’t that right? It is actually not true. Shutter hinges offer much more to your home improvement than simply as a fastener. By learning more about how you can use this piece of window hardware, you can help to make the most of your home improvement project.

Changes in Style

Nowadays, shutters are mainly used for the aesthetic look of the home, but there are other uses for them, too. In the past, window shutters were mainly used for more functional purposes, including protecting the home from storms and extreme weather by allowing the house to be shut up.

These exterior shutters were made to be closed from the home’s interior by simply pulling them closed and securing them with a latch. When they are closed, they helped to protect the glass from storms and weather conditions. In some parts of the country, these shutters are still used to protect against weather, especially in areas that are hurricane prone. These help to protect a homeowner’s investment during a hurricane or bad storm.

Shutter hinges have changed with the different uses of the shutters. You can find hinges that are function and stay hidden or you can find ones that are more decorative, like those in the past. Whichever style you desire, you are sure to find them in your local window hardware section at the home improvement store.

There are two different styles of shutter hinges that were used most commonly. These include the Mortise hinge and the strap style hinge. Each of these hinges has their own design and style. The Mortise shutter engine is the most fancy of the two. It resembles the shape of an “N” and it helps to fasten the shutters to the wall. They are normally made of cast iron, which makes them very strong and durable. They swing open and closed very simply for added function.

The strap shutter hinge features a bar bracket that is wide and then begins tapering as it reaches the shutter. In many cases, there is a decorative feature at the end of the shutter hinges, most commonly a spade shape. This is to enhance the look of the shutters.

Shutter Hinges For Today

Replica and reproduction shutter hinges can allow you add the style of the past to your new or remodeled home. If you prefer a more contemporary look, then you will be happy to know that there are more modern styles and designs available as well that offer a clean and contemporary look. Other options include a nickel or brass hinge that is simpler in style and not quite as ornate. These hinges can act much like jewelry does for a person to accessorize the look of the windows and the home.

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