Trivia Time! Blinds & Window Treatments

1- It is said that the Venetian blinds came from Persia. In France, Venetian blinds are known as “les persienes.”

2- John Hampson of New Orleans gets credited for inventing or patenting a device to change the angle of a Venetian blinds’ slats that continues in use today.

3- One of the largest orders for Venetian blinds ever placed was to  supply blinds for the windows of the Empire State Building in New York City.

4- All the curtain rods in the movie, “Gone With The Wind” were Kirsch rods.

5- The amount of insulation a product offers against heat loss in a home is represented by its R-value. Honeycomb shades have high R-value.

Our Company & CEO

We are an e-commerce window covering business, specializing in giving customers a stress free buying experience every time, all the time. BlindsOnTime’s founders, over 30 years in the industry, have substantial experience in building and running retail window covering facilities, manufacturing facilities, along with it’s e-commerce partner.

CEO, Moe Rouzati, started manufacturing cellular shades in 1990, and wood blinds in 1992. He introduced wood blinds to his former retail business, Decorator’s Choice, in 1993. Soon thereafter, he founded Aveno Window Fashions, in 1996, and served as President & CEO for 11 years. Aveno grew to having over 280 employees, and a 240,000 sq. ft. production facility. Moe has an extensive career developing leading window treatment manufacturing brands. His expertise in gaining window treatment relationships allows his customers to receive the industries top window fashion treatments, at the lowest price.