Cellular Shades – Not Just For Insulation with Blinds on Time.com

Cellular shades are becoming a popular investment for homeowners because of their energy-saving abilities. Cellular blinds also add vibrancy to a room. The tiny interior cells maintain interior temperature when open, and they can roll up when not needed. Usually these blinds are made from plastic for maximum insulation, but they can also be made of different materials like fabric and paper. These shades will be lighter and come in different colors. To get really high tech on the insulation side, these blinds come in multiple cell numbers. These look like like honeycomb shades from the side. They come in multiple colors just like a painted wood blind.

Consumers are turning to window coverings to offset increasing energy cost. The insulating factor of honeycomb blinds is much higher than other window coverings because of the trapped air. It may take several years before the reduced energy consumption pays for the blinds, but it will over time. Reduced energy consumption increases a home’s value. Window coverings also reduce street noise. Their ease of use gives the home all the benefits of light control and energy savings when closed and lets in the view when open. Some models can be opened from both the top and bottom.

Any hardware or home improvement store will have cellular blinds regardless of if they specialize in windows or not. A specialized store will create custom cut honeycomb blinds for a specific size or function. Custom blinds cost more however. You will have to decide on if your home decor is worth the investment of custom blinds. Consider using these if your interior is already professionally designed. Rental homes may be best with a stock design so you do not mind damage or changing when a new tenant moves in. For renters, it is not a good idea to buy custom blinds because they will probably not fit a new place anyway.

Cheap plastic blinds are not the answer because they fall apart and do not provide near th insulation ability. A ready to order cellular shade or faux wood blind can be ordered without the need for a custom manufacturer. A large window will only cost around $100 per window for blinds and they will still come in designs that accent your home decor. Purchasing online can reduce the price, but make sure you have all the right dimensions of your window before ordering.

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The Benefits of woven roman shades and blinds.

Roman shades are inexpensive and elegant window treatment to block the sun or prying eyes of nosy neighbors. Roman shades can be purchased or made cheaply and relatively simply by the do-it-youselfer.

Traditional Roman shades are made from fabric that is pleated in regular intervals. Bamboo Roman shades, however, are a stylish alternative to fabric Roman shades. Bamboo Roman shades are perfect for rooms with Asian-inspired themes or rooms with an earthy, casual feel. Their natural feel can subtly frame your gorgeous window-view. Bamboo Roman shades can also be on glass doors that open into a sunroom, screened in porch, or deck for a natural bridge between the indoors and outdoors.

A variety of bamboo Roman shades are available. Most shades are a light wood color, but bamboo Roman shades can be found in deeper colors or patterns like tortoise shell inspired shades. The bamboo can lie flat, or be woven in a pattern. Shop around to find a shade that fits perfectly with your room.

Bamboo Roman shades are easier to clean than fabric shades. You can wipe them with a damp towel or vacuum them for a simple wash that will remove dust and dirt.

Most home improvement or department stores sell bamboo Roman shades. Be sure to measure the window or door you’d like to cover before going to the store or ordering online.

If money is tight, consider alternating store-bought bamboo Roman shades with homemade fabric Roman shades in a room with many windows. Homemade fabric shades are cheap and easy to make and can have the same understated elegance of more expensive bamboo Roman shades.

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Honeycomb Windows covering offer a Variety of Options.

People who like the idea of making their home as energy efficient as possible should consider the idea of getting honeycomb shades. These shades come in a variety of different colors as well as six different pleat sizes and your choice of single, double, or triple cell design. Which options you choose depend on the decor of your home and the amount of light you want to come in through the shades.

Windows with arches can be difficult to fit for shades, but with the Bali DiamondCell 3/8 inch Double Cell Northern Lights Cellular Shade Perfect Arch you won’t have any problem. These honeycomb shades come in your choice of 37 different colors, as well as either an inside or outside mount. You can get them as part of an over arch standard treatment or as a stand alone arch depending on how your window is designed.

If you are looking for honeycomb shades for sliding glass doors, the Hunter Douglas Duette 3/4 inch Single Cell Semi-Opaque Honeycomb Shade D2 Elite Vertiglide might just be the perfect thing for you. You have your choice of forty different colors. The shades can be inside or outside mounted, and they can stack either to the left or the right, depending on your preferences. You can also get a valance of either Grandover Alternative Wood or Sydney Aluminum.

The Bali SkyTrack 3/8 inch Double Cell Midnight Blackout Skylight is one of the options for covering up a skylight and keeping out almost all light when you want to keep a room dark. It is available in sixteen different colors. It can be either inside or outside mounted, and you can get an optional extension pole of either 6 feet or 9 1/2 feet for an additional cost.

Those with extra wide windows might be interested in the Graber CrystalPleat 3/8 inch Single Cell Cellular Shade Garden Retreat, since it is 120 inches wide. It also has a special design that includes concealed cords and cord routs so it has a very clean look to it. You can have your choice of 21 colors and an inside or outside mount. There is also a choice between the standard cordlock or paying an extra amount for cordless, mechanized, or other options. You can even purchase a valance to go with it if you so desire.

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Vertical Window Blinds with Blinds on Time.com

Vertical window blinds are an inexpensive d├ęcor idea. They add a lot of value to your rooms by enhancing the rooms’ looks with their graceful drapes. Vertical window blinds can be a good way of covering windows when one is not keen on curtains or other types of window coverings.

Vertical blinds can be made in various materials. Aluminum, vinyl, wood, faux wood and even fabric is used to make vertical blinds. It is personal preferences that decide the material to be used for making vertical blinds.

Vertical blinds can be operated with ease. Rotating the vanes or drawing them away from the window opens out the blinds, providing a peep into whatever lies beyond the window.

Aluminum vertical blinds are very popular as they are a very cost effective window covering option. Kitchens and bathrooms where humidity levels are high are ideal locations for vinyl vertical blinds. Vinyl is sturdy material and not easily damaged by humidity.

Wooden vertical blinds can be used in rooms which have wooden furniture. The undulating effect created by usage of similar material will give an impression of added space. Living rooms and bedrooms are ideal for wooden blinds as they do not stand up well to humidity and need a more controlled environment.

Wooden vertical window blinds are pretty expensive and fall into the most expensive category of blinds. Consumers who are very keen about the wooden look but do not want to spend so much can opt for faux wooden vertical window blinds. Faux wooden blinds are wood look-alikes and have the looks of wood but all the advantages of vinyl. Like any other vinyl blind these faux wood vertical blinds are easy to maintain and do not fade easily.

Fabric can also be used to make vertical blinds. Fabric vertical blinds are made using inserts to provide shape, stability and for ease of tilting.

Vertical blinds are controlled by using either cords or safety wands. Safety wands are more durable and thus more preferred over cords by most customers. Vacuuming, dusting or wiping with a soft damp cloth is sufficient to maintain vertical window blinds.

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Blinds, Shades and Shutters with blinds on time.com

Blinds, shades and shutters are all used to cover windows. However, each one differs from each other. If you are to cover your window, it is best to choose the best covering.

Blinds are made of horizontal and vertical slats. Horizontal slats are more recommended since it is easy to use. In order to open or close it, a string is used. A person will pull the string up and down so that it will work. On the other hand, vertical slats have difficult installation because they are heavy.

Shades are different from shutters and blinds. No slats are present here. However, they can still be adjusted like blinds. Also, they are inexpensive and they come in different colours and sizes.

Shutters are the most convenient window coverings to use. They can be used inside or outside the house. There are some which are really intended for the inside and some for the outside. They are made of horizontal slats like blinds.

It is easy to use shutter because of the many openings available. You can open it inward or outward. You can also open it in the middle. The openings are dependent mainly on the location, if where window they are located.

Like blinds, shutters also can come in different styles. There are which are made from wood, faux wood and plastics. They can also come in different sizes and colours.

Each of these three has its own characteristics that may differ from one another. However, all of them serve the same function. They are all used to cover the window or door. They are used to block sunlight and wind. Moreover, they are used so that a person can have privacy in her home.

Now, you can easily choose which one you will use to cover your window. Whatever is your decision, keep in mind that the wonders of blinds, shades and shutters depend on how you use them.

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