Blinds on Time Window Treatment Blinds are a great way to window coverings ideas.

Blinds on Time Window Treatment Blinds are a great way to begin building a new custom look for window coverings ideas. Whether you’re looking for Wood Blinds, Foxwoods Blinds, Aluminum Window Blinds, or Vertical Window Blinds, we have a large selection.
Wood Blinds
Basswood Natural Wood Blinds are the classic choice for almost any decor, offering a neat, clean, and classy look. Rich, warm Natural Wood Blinds are among the most environmentally sound and promotes residential energy efficiency. A unique array of wood variations, exclusive natural wood grains and scrumptious stained color classics make these window coverings an envious choice for your home.
Coordinate with Wood Vertical Blinds to create a traditional, unified elegance of wood blinds with a proven window blind operating system. Good for use in any room except rooms with very high humidity. Bassre’s warmth and beauty in your home.
Foxwoods Blinds
Looking for horizontal wood blinds with a rich look and feel of hardwood …at half the price? You’ll love our Faux Wood Window Blinds. They are an affordable and practical way to bring wood-grain beauty to your home. Our Faux Wood Blind is economical, durable and naturally attractive and won’t warp in high-humidity areas. Faux Wood Window Blinds come in 2” and 2 ½” slat sizes to solve all your design, privacy and light control needs.
Mini Blinds
Metal and Vinyl Mini Blinds offer all the benefits of custom made mini blinds at an incredible price. These budget-conscious vinyl and aluminum mini blinds come standard with left-side wand tilter/right-side cord lift controls, as well as a specially designed clutch tilter and crash-proof cord lock to ensure smooth, reliable operation. A full array color classics make these Metal Mini Blinds a great choice if you’re looking for premium quality and style at a budget price. Window Mini Blinds are great for play rooms, dorm rooms or dens.
Vertical Blinds
Our Vinyl Vertical Blinds are a great way to begin building custom window coverings. Available in 1”, 2” and 2.5” slat sizes, Blinds n Time’s Vinyl Vertical Blinds also feature add-ons such as designer fabric tapes, decorative valances, and remote control shades. Our customizations include special shapes and sizes as well as continuous cord loops. Blinds on Time have your windows covered with our Vinyl Vertical Blinds collection!
Vertical Blinds when your needs require window dressing that are as tough as they are attractive. Vinyl Vertical Blinds are so durable that you won’t have to replace them for many years. Vertical Blinds are available in eight styles, including embossed to add texture to your space. Use Vertical Wood Blinds with your Horizontal Wood Blinds to add a pleasing contrast to any space.

Blinds on Provide Window Coverings for Energy Efficiency

Window coverings are the signature of a room’s character. They set the tone of style and décor for the entire home. But making the decision on which window coverings to choose can be very overwhelming. The best place to begin is with one’s intention – one’s main criteria. Is it luxury?

Is it practicality? Or is it a little bit of each. In the age of “going green” one’s main criteria may be energy conservation. When considering window coverings for energy efficiency, the question of horizontal versus vertical window blinds is inevitably raised. Which is more energy efficient? Most experts agree that vertical window blinds are more energy efficient for several reasons:

For those who live in warmer climates, vertical window blinds are superior to horizontal shades when choosing window coverings for energy efficiency. They block the sunlight from seeping unbearable heat into the house. This ability to keep the sun away is a big reason that many people choose vertical blinds over horizontal blinds. Because of their basic construction, horizontal blinds let the sun to shine downward right through the panes – allowing the light to easily enter the room.

In cooler climates, vertical window blinds are more energy efficient than horizontal blinds because of their overlapped panes – which creates a pocket between the blinds and the outdoor weather. The overlapped panes keep the heat inside the house and the cold outside of the house in the winter months and in the summer; it works similarly to keep the cool air inside of the house and the heat outside.

Again, it’s good to examine the intention for new window coverings. If one’s goal is beauty and style, then vertical blinds may not be of interest. However, if window coverings for energy efficiency are the goal, then vertical window blinds are a great choice.

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Blinds on Time Gives you Porch Decorating Ideas.

A front porch is an open invitation for neighbors to stop by, sit down and relax.

A beautifully decorated front porch is a huge welcome sign. It is a preview of what’s inside and a window into the character of the home. There is no better place to spend a lazy summer afternoon or evening than on the porch – playing games with the kids or enjoying a gentle breeze while sipping a cold drink. Visiting with family or neighbors is great while relaxing in a comfortable chair, shielded from the sun by exotic porch window coverings, and enjoying some tasty snacks. A front porch is a transitional space that offers the best of both worlds: the sights, scents and sounds of nature along with the comfort of inside living. No matter what style that is chosen, porch decorating ideas should be relaxed and inviting – with comfort being the key element.

Treat the porch as an outdoor room. Use the same design elements outside as you would use inside the home. Comfortable seating, good lighting, carefully chosen porch window coverings and art that is memorable are recommended.

Since the summer porch is an extension of the house’s décor, it should be decorated with the same care as the rest of the home. Create a relaxing ambiance by filling the space with what is considered restful and enjoyable from live plants to beautiful porch window coverings. Have plenty of comfortable seating and make the porch as appealing and welcoming as possible with these porch decorating tips:

Porch Shades and Blinds Protect Against UV Rays

Hang porch blinds and shades made of natural rattan and bamboo to protect against summer sun and rain. Or select porch window coverings made of fabric and shades that give the porch a very breezy, romantic touch. Or use light diffusing porch window coverings that will keep out the sun’s ultraviolet rays while allowing cool air to circulate. As much as we enjoy being outside, sometimes the hot summer sun can be brutal so in hot climates roll-up shades made of cotton, bamboo or canvas, are easy to install and make great porch window coverings. For the greatest degree of sun control, choose blinds as porch window coverings because they can be opened or shut as needed. Curtains can be used outside on a porch as well as inside – installed at the top of the porch overhang or hung on drapery rods.

Theme Porch Decorating Ideas

Theme decorating a summer porch is so much fun. If the home is older, a Victorian motif is always interesting. Or if one loves the beach, long cabana-styled porch window coverings will give a laid back look. Use some beach-type chairs as seating options, set out some seashells and include some snifters with sand and beach scenes. Choose a theme that is interesting and just let the imagination go free.

Live Plants

Nothing makes a porch more inviting than plants and flowers. In fact, no summer porch decorating idea is complete without some blooming flowers and potted plants. Plant flowers in unusual vessels like wheelbarrows, watering cans, and buckets for some interesting porch decorating ideas. The options are numerous…just find something that sits in the corner of the garage and plant something interesting in it. It will invoke great conversations….guaranteed!

Comfortable Seating

Arrange comfortable seating options and tables. White wicker chairs and couches will add a country garden-inspired touch to any porch decorating idea. Colorful cushions give the ambiance an extra kick. Matching cushions to porch window coverings will pull the porch decorating ideas all together. Bentwood rockers and metal tables and chairs are also good choices that can sustain heat and humidity. If there is room, a hanging swing is always a great choice.

To bring a more unified look to a hodge-podge of porch decorating ideas, consider spray painting everything one color. More than any other element, soft furnishings and color add life and style to any porch. So, for example, spraying all the furniture green and then incorporating porch window coverings and cushions with a soft pattern containing the same color green will pull all the décor together and create an amazingly beautiful porch that will spring to life.

Front Porch Flooring
Most front porches have the original flooring as a base. Painted with a high gloss deck enamel, they will look great with a good cleaning. Or, if adventurous, one can do something a little different by stenciling a pattern right onto the wood as the floor is painted. Faux marbling is another porch decorating idea as well as floral patterns.
Whatever creative journey that is chosen, make sure the porch decorating idea is something interesting, pleasing and relaxing. So be bold, be creative and most importantly…don’t be afraid to have some fun with porch decorating ideas. They will bring a serene look and feel to an otherwise ordinary porch.

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Honeycomb Shades Offer a Variety of Options By Blinds on

People who like the idea of making their home as energy efficient as possible should consider the idea of getting honeycomb shades. These shades come in a variety of different colors as well as six different pleat sizes and your choice of single, double, or triple cell design. Which options you choose depend on the decor of your home and the amount of light you want to come in through the shades.

Windows with arches can be difficult to fit for shades, but with the Bali DiamondCell 3/8 inch Double Cell Northern Lights Cellular Shade Perfect Arch you won’t have any problem. These honeycomb shades come in your choice of 37 different colors, as well as either an inside or outside mount. You can get them as part of an over arch standard treatment or as a stand alone arch depending on how your window is designed.

If you are looking for honeycomb shades for sliding glass doors, the Hunter Douglas Duette 3/4 inch Single Cell Semi-Opaque Honeycomb Shade D2 Elite Vertiglide might just be the perfect thing for you. You have your choice of forty different colors. The shades can be inside or outside mounted, and they can stack either to the left or the right, depending on your preferences. You can also get a valance of either Grand over Alternative Wood or Sydney Aluminum.

The Bali SkyTrack 3/8 inch Double Cell Midnight Blackout Skylight is one of the options for covering up a skylight and keeping out almost all light when you want to keep a room dark. It is available in sixteen different colors. It can be either inside or outside mounted, and you can get an optional extension pole of either 6 feet or 9 1/2 feet for an additional cost.

Those with extra wide windows might be interested in the Graber Crystal Pleat 3/8 inch Single Cell Cellular Shade Garden Retreat, since it is 120 inches wide. It also has a special design that includes concealed cords and cord routs so it has a very clean look to it. You can have your choice of 21 colors and an inside or outside mount. There is also a choice between the standard cord lock or paying an extra amount for cordless, mechanized, or other options. You can even purchase a valance to go with it if you so desire.

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Vertical Window Blinds Ideas Provided by Blinds on

Replacement vertical window blinds as well as custom vertical window blinds can make or break a room’s decor. The main reason to use vertical window blinds is to filter out the light in a room, but contemporary professional standards suggest that modern interior decorators use them as a way of tying a room’s appearance together. From fabric to bamboo, faux wood and leveler, sheers to aluminum there are many to choose from. Vinyl window blinds are still the most commonly bought and sold blinds, even though cellular and other options exist. It seems that the old standby is still among the favorites of the general public. However, one star had a set of vertical window blinds made of smoked glass for a picture window. It took over 200 man hours to complete the blinds, and they had bamboo accents on the ends and sides to keep the glass from shattering if touched. No way was this on discount at the local home improvement store, but there are many deals to be found.

Patio door blinds, sheer curtains, ideas for your replacement blinds can come from any room. If your room has no décor and is a fresh room you can choose your color scheme now. If the walls are painted white, you can make the color scheme anything you wish. You can have fabrics of any kind to complete the room, or match to furniture you are going to place in the room. The options are endless for contemporary and modern replacement vertical window blinds.

Although many people already have these blinds in their homes, if there are none present you could add value to the home through equity. The average amount of equity placed into a home is based on the type of window blinds used. For the regular horizontal window blinds there is an average of $150 overall added to the value. For just 3 sets of aluminum vertical window blinds there is the opportunity to add an additional $400 to your home’s value. For the entire home being completed in these blinds you can have up to $1,000 in equity added in. However, if they are damaged or sized improperly there is no value whatsoever added to the home and instead the equity is taken away due to the fact that repairs are needed.

If you are using sheers over the top of your blinds, the sheers should be a lighter or darker value than the room based on color. For darker colored rooms you should use a dark colored sheer with a light colored blind behind it. For lighter colored rooms you should use a light colored sheer with a dark colored blind behind it. If there are no sheers to be used, match the blind color with the juxtaposing color for the room. Therefore if the room is yellow, go with a hue of purple in order to make the room pop. For those who want a more uniform and eased appearance, simply match the paint color with the blind color.

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