window shades are typical and most common

With the different forms of window treatments available in the construction market today, window shades are typical and one of the more common and it has its reasons for being so. While they provide the softness that curtains and drapes exude, they also maintain the rigidity and controllability of window blinds. The homeowner is given the flexibility of having the best of both worlds of curtains and blinds and a good option of having a single window treatment in this regard.

Most homeowners are troubled with mixing and matching curtains with blinds, and the window shades provide a single solution to window dressing thereby unburdening the same homeowners. The choice of window shades can easily be made with the wide array of colors and styles available to suit the theme of the household.

Window treatments are considered to be one of the final decorative touches to enhance the aesthetic and functional appeal of the home. It is included in the different areas of home improvement, including the remodeling of homes, purchase of home furnishings, and the outright replacement of windows.

The designs and features of different window shades available in the market are surprisingly and practically endless. People would normally be awed by the wide array of choices of the different window shades. There are those that have movable contraptions and devices that permit you to operate window shades, on whether or not these are closed or opened depending on the purpose or the need.

There are also different available textures and fabric choices for these shades and it is important to know some of these items. The homeowner planning to do some home improvements, such as window dressing, is in for a lot of surprises and adventure in dealing with the large scope and breadth of the window shades. There are different window shades available and some of these include the following.

The roller shades are normally pull-down shades and are relatively cheap. However, in the long run, there may be difficulties encountered in this type specifically the tendency to breakdown over a short period of time and its difficulty in usage. Other types include the Roman shades, which are very popular window treatment solutions, and which have folded sections when opened, are easy to operate and maneuver, and have high insulation ratings.

Then there are the pleated shades which are also known as cellular shades. The pleats literally provide extra layers of insulation for better protection against the sun. Finally, there are the hard window shades, which provide sturdiness and durability in use. These are worthy alternatives to the soft fabric shades and are excellent in their energy efficiency and light control features. For those with a taste for art, they could choose the wooden or bamboo shades which provide a high distinction in aesthetic appeal.

It is important that you are able to consolidate your preferred choices and come up with specific designs for your window treatments. Remember that different homes have different requirements for windows, and you can have a choice of either coming up with function, beauty, or a combination of both form and function. For instance, if your house is already full of decorative treatments and furnishings, you may opt for the window shades with simple and sleek designs to buffer the decorative level of your home.

On the other hand, if you choose to be more decorative in your choice of shades, then you may want to tone down your other decorations and furnishings at home.

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Blinds On Provides Different Types of shades.

Roller Shades

BlindsOnTime Roller Shades for Windows offer style,
function and environmental consideration. It’s easy to
create an environmentally conscious home by choosing Eco
Friendly fabrics, screens and weaves. Our Fabric Roller
Shades offer an array of colors and choices, manual or a
motorized roller. Check out our fabrics that coordinate
with Ballet® Performance Drapery Styles and Harmony
Pleated Shades

Stylish textures, superior craftsmanship, and an array of
contemporary colors make our Window Pleated Shades as
functional as they are beautiful. The single layer fabrics
of the Pleated Window Shades have superior pleat retention
for crisp, clean lines top to bottom. So…don’t worry about
sagging and flattening. And if you want a little extra
privacy for you and that special someone, a light
filtering or room darkening liner can be added to your
Window Pleated Shades for those intimate moments. These
pleated shades have it all and will give you a fresh clean
look…day in and day out.
Horizontal Shadings
Combining the softness of a cellular shade and the
functionality of a horizontal blind, our Horizontal Shades
offer softness and beauty – not to mention tough-as-nails
durability. Light diffusing vane and double sheer fabrics
blend to create a unique visual experience.
View the world with sheer wonder or block it out
completely with our Room Darkening Window Shades. Either
way, you’ll bask in the luxurious beauty of these amazing
Horizontal Shades – day or night.
Roman Shades

If you are looking for unparalleled elegance and rich
beauty, look no further than our Window Roman Shade
collection, combining the insulating benefits of a
cellular shade with the beauty of drapery fabrics.

The Roman Window Shade has gained a tremendous amount of
popularity in the last few years because it adds a
pleasing, distinct impact to any room. A Window Roman
Shade also has the ability to block out all outside light
so it is perfect for bedrooms, rooms with entertainment
systems, or any room where a high degree of light control
and privacy is desired.
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Green Guard

BlindsOnTime wants you to “Nurture the Air You Breathe.” The GREENGUARD® Environmental Institute works hard in protecting both human health and quality of life by setting standards to reduce exposure to chemicals and thus improve the air quality indoors. Were you aware that indoor air is 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air? Since people spend about 90 percent of their time indoors, air pollution levels are typically higher than outdoors. The primary sources of this pollution are from furnishings and building materials, as well as day-to-day activities like cooking and cleaning. These products release thousands of pollutants, mainly volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Breathing these pollutants can heavily affect one’s health and can cause a plethora of problems from allergies, asthma, cardiovascular disease, et cetera.

Therefore, indoor quality is our concern, because the hours we spend cooking in the kitchen, sleeping at night, working in offices or being in schools adds up. GREENGUARD® Certified products must meet strict requirements and guidelines regarding chemical emissions and toxicity. The products are then screened for over 10,000 chemicals including carginogens, toxins, and irritants.

Faux Wood Blinds – Vinyl Blinds As An Alternative To Wood Blinds on

Faux wood blinds are the most common form of blinds used as window coverings. This is because they are the perfect alternative to wood blinds and they are cheap. Fauxwood window blinds are made of vinyl material or a combination of vinyl and hardwood. They are called faux wood blinds because they look like wooden blinds. However, they are more durable than real wood and are suitable for all rooms of the home, even those with high levels of humidity. Faux wood blinds are also much easier to clean than wood blinds.

The main reason that faux wood blinds have become so popular is that homeowners like the look of blinds to their windows and the fauxwood blinds are cheap. Faux wood blinds can cost 30% less than wood blinds. They also last a lot longer than blinds made of real wood, which makes them really cost effective. An occasional cleaning and dusting will keep faux wood window blinds in perfect condition. In fact, these window blinds are so durable, you can take them down from the window and wash them in the bathtub.

You can get fauxwood blinds in sizes to fit the smallest or largest window. While you can purchase them in the store in sizes almost the same as that of your window, you can also have them custom made. Custom made faux wood blinds are not expensive either so you can dress your windows in the perfect manner without incurring extra costs. They are available in mini blinds or vertical blinds

and you can also get these in motorized versions.

Installing faux wood blinds is a simple affair. You just have to decide where you are going to mount the brackets – inside or outside the facings on your window. Most of the faux wood window blinds come in measurements to fit snugly inside the facings, so if you want them outside you may have to look for cheap faux wood blinds that are an inch or so wider. Once you mount the brackets, then you simply slide in the head rail of the blind and insert the small covering that keeps it from falling out. Then you can attach the wand used to open and close the slats and you’re all set.

Whether or not you install the faux wood blinds inside or outside the facing, you can use valances and drapes with these blinds. If you purchase the fauxwood vertical blinds, then this comes with a covering for the head rail, so you don’t need to have a valance. Most homeowners do use a small valance or topper over both faux wood blinds and real wood blinds, just to suit the décor of the room and to add to its ambiance.

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Motorized Window Shades – Benefits on blindsontime.comMotorized Window Shades – Benefits on

1. Convenience. Raising and lowering a manual shade is easy enough if it is not too big. But if the shade is very large or there are 2, 3, 4 or more shades then it becomes more difficult and more time consuming. This convenience factor is important for several other benefits listed below.

a. Maximizing Views. The convenience of motorized shades can mean the difference between seeing a beautiful sunrise/sunset or missing it. Stunning vistas are rarely missed when opening or closing shades is as simple as pressing a button.

b. Security. Motorized shades can easily be set on a timer so that when guests are away from home for an extended period of time, shades are raised and lowered at various preset times. This gives the impression that someone is living in the house which deters would be thieves.

c. Conserving Energy. The heat gain from sunlight through windows during summer months is a major burden on air conditioning. The convenience of motorized shades makes saving energy much simpler. Preset timers obviate the need to remember to raise or lower shades for energy saving purposes.

d. Protecting Furniture, artwork and flooring. The sun’s rays can do damage to interior furnishings, causing fading, cracking or warping. The convenience of motorized shades makes protecting furniture, artwork and flooring much simpler. Preset timers are also useful in this regard.

e. Many Windows and/or Large Windows. As the number and size of windows increases, the case for motorized blinds or shade motorization becomes increasingly compelling. Some walls of windows are 20, 30 or even 60 feet in length which makes motorization a practical necessity.

f. Hard to reach windows. These skylight windows, second story openings or windows blocked by furniture or other obstructions are why motorization of window shades was first conceived. Obviously, these factors are still relevant today.

2. Child Safety. A shocking number of injuries and deaths result each year due to cords from manual window shades. The window shade industry’s “Child Safety Month” is intended to address these hazards with safety clips and consumer awareness. The best solution is no cords at all, which is possible with motorized shades.

3. Unsightly Cords. Aesthetically, cords detract from the clean look of a window opening. Multiple shades mean multiple cords, pooling on the floor when fully open. Motorized window shades means no more unsightly control cords and open, clear views through windows.

4. Less Wear and Tear. Tangling and unfamiliar ‘user abuse’ to shades are the most common causes of service calls. The control mechanisms on manual shades, if used frequently (see convenience factor above), will break and can be costly to repair or replace.

5. They are cool! Functionally, motorized shades make a lot of sense and aesthetically, they are definitely preferable to manual shades. Let’s not forget that they also have an impressive WOW Factor!

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