How Honeycomb Blinds Can Insulate As Well As Enhance The Looks Of Your House On

It is important that you should keep your house insulated. The foremost benefit you derive by achieving this is to save a good amount of money on energy bill. Though you need to take many steps for achieving this, the main thing to be done is to do a few changes to your window treatments. By doing appropriate changes to your window treatments, you can definitely achieve the aim of insulating your house. The best window treatment to save your energy bill by insulating your house is to opt for honeycomb blinds. Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb blinds do this task effectively and efficiently because of their thickness and design. Though any other blind can also do the task of filtering incoming heat and light, honeycomb blinds offer an extra benefit. The benefit is that the filter can be set by yourself. You have single, double and triple honeycombs and you can choose the one that has the thickness you want.

Another point is that according to the age of the windows, you should choose the honeycombs. A ten year old window can go well with triple honeycomb cell blinds. These blinds are advised because they can be three times more effective in insulating this ten year old window. If you use a single honeycomb, the end result will not be that effective. You should remember that more the number of cells on the honeycombs, the heavier they become. Therefore, it is better to choose a honeycomb with one or two cells if the window you have is quite a large one.

You should also focus on the design part. The design must not only be highly attractive but the honeycomb should fulfill your functional expectations. The cells of the honeycomb keep the air trapped and this is the function that may increase the insulation. Since there are three cells in a triple cell honeycomb, there is a bigger scope for the air to get trapped in the extra two cells than in a single honeycomb blind.

Honeycomb blinds are liked by many for their aesthetic looks also. If you want to regulate the light in a room and if you want sufficient light, you can opt for a one-cell honeycomb. But, with a three-cell honeycomb, you will have less light and the whole ambiance of the room will turn out to be a romantic one. While selecting the honeycombs, you must choose the colors that go well with the existing decor and color of the walls of the room.

You also get many models of these honeycomb blinds. Vertical, cordless, cellular, blackout and double, single and triple cell honeycombs are there. You should choose the appropriate model that suits your requirements. These honeycombs can also used in the arch of the house to provide insulation and the right amount of light.

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My Top 5 Reasons to Ditch the Mini Blinds and Get Cellular Shades! On

I’m a practical guy. If I’m going to invest in a home improvement, I want to know that it’s going to look good, work well and hassle me as little as possible. That said, I have recently upgraded my standard condo mini blinds to cellular shades. I want to share with you my rationale for upgrading in a simple way: My top 5 reasons to ditch the mini blinds and grab the cellular shades!Mini-Blinds and Cellular-shades

5) Cellular shades add a crisp, sleek look to your home. The strong, symmetrical lines add a level of sophistication to your decor. Strong, sharp angles may be 30 years out of style on your 1980 Trans Am; however, the angular and clean look is very chic for interior design.

4) Cellular blinds are incredibly easy to operate. Consider this the following: Your standard set of mini blinds has two control systems that can become a nuisance: tilt and lift. To manage the natural light in your home with mini blinds, you need to constantly raise, lower and tilt them to accommodate the position of the sun. Cellular shades have only one control system that works flawlessly: lift. Since cellular shades control the level of light that enters your room with fabric types, there is no tilt function. If you want more light, raise the blinds. If you want less light, lower the blinds. If you don’t want any light at all, order your cellular shades with room darkening fabric that blocks out sunlight altogether.

3) Cellular blinds are highly customizable! You want to choose between more than PVC or Aluminum blinds? Go cellular! Do you want colors other than black, white, or ivory? Go cellular! Do you worry about the safety of your children or pets that mess with your lift cord? Get a cordless cellular shade! Most cellular shade companies offer cordless lift options to their products at a reasonable price ranging from 15-40 dollars.

2) Cellular shades are durable and easily maintained. Look, things happen. The kids may be playing rough and tumble into those mini blinds. We all know what happens next – they bend or break and never look the same again. Cellular shades are tough. They are made from fabric, so they cannot “break” like mini blinds. I know what you’re thinking – what happens if I spill something on them? No problem. Cleaning cellular blinds is easy! Take them off of the head rail and soak them in a tub with a little detergent and voila! Clean as a whistle and good as new. These things are built to last.

1) I’ve outlined a lot of good reasons for upgrading to cellular blinds in reasons five through two, but I know there are always a few skeptics out there. That is why I have saved the best for last. Cellular shades have a unique honeycomb design that makes them incredibly energy efficient. Typically, they come in two configurations: single-cell and double-cell. The sizes of the cells vary (3/4″, 3/8″, 9/16″ and more) and the size is very important! The smaller the cell size, the more energy efficient the shades become. These cells trap small pockets of air and insulate the interior of your home from the elements outside of your window. By investing in some quality cellular shades, you can literally save money every month on your electric bill because less energy from your heater or air conditioner is able to escape through the unique honeycomb design!

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Design Suitability When Designing Window Coverings on

There are virtually hundreds of different window covering colors, design inspired and styles depending on your taste. However, you have to follow a few guidelines when creating your own to ensure that the design suits the room and window itself. You can save more by understand the characteristics of the windows and which areas you like to accentuate more. You should also check which aspects still need to be covered or adjusted.

Based on the Room

When putting window coverings for the kitchen area, make sure that you pick designs and design colors that are easy to clean and maintain. You also have to keep the windows protected from the extra moisture that comes from the surroundings and different activities. Faux wood and aluminum blinds are very easy to clean. Those with rough textured finishes or sandblasted designs are quite hard so use these wisely. You may want to invest in blinds that have smooth painted finishes.

The master bath should also be considered wisely. Humidity does not immediately change the quality of window treatments or wooden blinds. But if the covering gets direct water contact and pressure, you should invest in vinyl instead. You should also pick blinds that have no route holes for added privacy. Vertical blinds should be used in a way wherein there is a half-inch gap below the vertical vanes beside the sill.Windows Covering

Other Rooms

For bedrooms and other places where you usually rest, you should try black out shades.These are very popular choices, as well as special horizontal blinds and honeycomb shades. The special horizontal blinds feature no route holes. Nurseries should involve window coverings with unique safety features. Cords should be kept away from young children and cribs to avoid strangling and entanglement. If you pick vinyl mini blinds, these should be the type without hazardous lead. Blackout honeycomb shades are also ideal for blacking out the room. Bedroom comfort is essential.

The Window Shape

Different window shapes will also require unique kinds of window covering. For example, windows with arcs on top or semi-circles at the top should be treated differently, since some setups are not ready for these. You have to pick the right rods to hang curtains on. You should also pick the right shade designs and shapes that will suit the space. Irregularly shaped windows will have to rely on custom-made window covering designers.

You can make windows look bigger or more centered on the wall. Use a window blind and let it hang 1 to 2 inches from the ceiling, giving your window a taller appearance. You can lower the blind until it covers the whole top of the window. Hang the curtain rod in a way that it begins evenly over the blinds. Space everything well so that the setup stretches over the window by at least an entire foot. Move the rod as needed to make the window look like it’s in the middle of the wall.

Providing Accents

Try to determine the strengths and weaknesses of any given window and design the right covering that will bring out its best features. For example, if a window boasts of a great view, choose the right fabric that will bring out the background colors more. If a window has the weaknesses of bringing in too much sunlight during certain periods of the day, invest in the right material and blinds that will help control the situation. Remember that you need efficient window coverings to complete your task.

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Change Your Home’s Look and Feel With Wood Venetian Metal Blinds on

If you are looking at adding window blinds to your home you know there are lots of different types to choose from, such as metal or plastic blinds, rollers, vertical window shutters, wood venetian blinds and many more. However, aside from the practicality of wood venetian blinds, they are also very stylish and can add a whole new look and feel to your home. For some reason, people tend to overlook the design element of quality wood blinds. This article will focus on all of the ways that blinds can be useful and beneficial to your home, with a special focus on the benefits of wood venetian blinds.

A lot of people don’t automatically think about installing wood venetian blinds, and instead think about adding curtains or drapes when they go to re-decorate their home, which can really limit their decor options considerably. They really only have two functions: opening them to let the light in, or closing them to shut the light out. When you close them you will close yourself off from everything outside completely, but when you open them, everyone outside can see inside your home. To avoid this, some decorators add layers of curtains, with a heavy nighttime curtain to block out all visibility, and a lighter, sheerer fabric that will allow daylight to come in, but adds a little privacy.

Instead of going through all this trouble, a quality set of wood venetian blinds will give you both daytime and nighttime options all in one. You can even close your wooden blinds completely to enjoy 100% privacy, as you would get with a set of heavy curtains, yet without all the bulk of the fabric and the ability to still allow in various levels of daylight and privacy, depending upon the time of day and your activities.

Some decorators prefer to use roller blinds; however this brings us back to the problems associated with fabrics.

There are some definite drawbacks whenever you use fabric for roller blinds or for draperies. Most types of fabric used for these options are very difficult and expensive to care for, so if you get a stain, you’ve got a big job on your hands. In some cases a stain can never be removed. However, if you were to install wooden venetian blinds you would never have to worry about fabric stains, as the wood venetian blinds are generally sealed with a coating that won’t stain and makes them very easy to keep clean. You can use a feather duster to clean them very easily.

Another problem with roller blinds that you don’t have with wood venetina blinds is when you want to adjust them to a setting in the middle. With rollers you can’t really have them in between the up and down setting or only the top half of your window would be private.

A lot of people ask about dedicated wood shutters. Wood shutters aren’t really that different from wood venetian blinds, however because these heavy devices are built into the windows and are difficult to install, they are much more inconvenient for the homeowner.

Wooden venetian blinds, on the other hand, can be easily installed on any window in a very short time, without a lot of effort.

You can really upgrade the entire look and feel of your home just by adding a quality set of blinds. Wood venetian blinds can also be quite versatile and can change the entire mood of a room, for example, a room that is decorated in dark colors could be lightened up with a set of white wood venetian blinds, and a room that is very bright and colorful could become more homey and comfortable with a set of blinds made from exotic woods.

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Saving Money with Window Insulation Coverings on

Anyone who owns a home or rents an apartment comes to the realization that no matter how good the windows are the R-value is not enough to prevent energy loss. Even double paned windows allow significant amounts of heat and air conduction. Glass is just not a good insulator, which is why they invented double paned windows. They operate on the theory that if you can’t keep the heat or cold out, maybe it can be trapped! But the truth is you can significantly raise the R-value of your windows by installing window insulation coverings.

Window insulation coverings serve several purposes:

o Increases the R-value of the window often by 5 points (R-1 to R-6)

o Enables control of room light

o Enhances room d├ęcor

o Adds sound proofing

Window insulation coverings keep outdoor cold or hot air out of the house and your heating or air conditioning inside. The result is a house that’s not only more comfortable, but more energy efficient. Higher energy efficiency equates to lower energy bills. Insulated window coverings are different than coverings used primarily for decoration. They are made with additional padding or space barrier and fit the window tightly.

Windows are one of the largest sources of heat and air loss which forces your heating/air conditioning unit to work harder. Energy consumption can be greatly impacted as a result, causing your utility bill to rise higher and higher. In climates with temperature extremes this can run into thousands of dollars over the course of a year.

Though the word “insulation” implies dull looking stuffing, window insulation coverings now come in a variety of decorator styles. There are balloon shades, Roman shades, accordion shades, and side draw shades to name just a few. They are usually constructed with layers that are quilted together in a way that air pockets are created forming a barrier against window seepage. Not all shades are quilted though. Other kinds of construction include heat resistant materials sewn between fabric layers, and specially designed materials that reflect heat and cold.

Window insulation coverings can include shades as discussed, but also shutters or curtain layers. In every case an additional air barrier is being created. The key to air flow control is the air pocket and making sure the covering can be tightly fitted or completely covers the window.

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