Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Ah, cornucopias… a classic Thanksgiving centerpiece and symbol representing abundance. If you are thinking of approaching the holiday with a traditional feel, this is the way to go. Most flower shops carry them already made, but you can also make them yourself.  Just buy a woven or iron cornucopia and fill it with your choice of fall flowers, leaves, and berry picks.  You can also make it look more rustic by placing it on an antique silver tray and filling it using gourds, squash, and dried corn. Make sure it looks like it’s overflowing with harvest!

Earth-toned and comfy, candles do a magnificent job in turning any space into a cozy retreat.  This is a great way to welcome your family to the dinner table. You can place a few orange candles on vertical candleholders, and add some autumn flowers to a block of oasis to create an elegant Thanksgiving centerpiece. The flowers can stretch as wide as you want to be proportional to your table. Another idea is buying glass votives in different shapes and sizes, placing white candles inside, and filling the votives with small acorns, dried corn kernels, or whatever you like! Keeping the candles white will allow for contrast between the candles and the filling of your choice.  A simpler way to use candles as a centerpiece is taking a variety of warm colored candles, placing them on a long candle tray, and wrap some berry picks around them.


First thing that pops into my head when I think of fall is pumpkins!  They are also a well-known symbol of the fall season and Thanksgiving.  People place pumpkins outside their homes as decoration, and you can also bring them inside as your centerpiece! This is an easy and stress-free way to bring autumn onto your table. Place them on a tray or a basket with different colors and sizes, fill the tray or basket with a few leaves or acorns and you’re done! You can also stack them from biggest to smallest as the main part of the centerpiece and spread the smaller ones around the table with candles. Wrap some pumpkins with dried vine for some extra flair!


If you are looking for a unique way to decorate your dinner table this Thanksgiving, Wheat will be sure to spark a conversation during the meal. This is a gorgeous way to add some height to the table.  Just take a bundle of wheat stocks, and wrap them with ribbon and there you have it!  You can have a large one in the middle followed by two smaller ones, or you can have just one in the center with candles spread around.  It is affordable, flexible, quick, and beautiful.

Hope these Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas from Blinds On Time inspired you to create your very own centerpiece.  You free to combine and dismantle these ideas into your own design. Share some of your finished centerpiece photos with us and inspire other people this Thanksgiving. Gobble, Gobble!

Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas

Celebrating Halloween only lasts a month.  So having some easy Halloween decorating ideas and tactics will ensure that there is little hassle, yet full effect, for your home. It’s always exciting and fun to decorate, but it isn’t so much fun to put everything away. These easy halloween decorating ideas will make your home spooky and full of Halloween spirit!

After Halloween comes Thanksgiving, and thankfully these two holidays share something in common: orange. This common color allows for Halloween to smoothly transition into Thanksgiving without the stress of heavy packing and unpacking. These easy decorating ideas for Halloween will certainly help you for years to come!


(Image via

One way to bring Halloween to both inside and outside your home is by your windows.  They are what connect your home to the outside, and they should definitely be taken advantage of. To create the photo above, try using our Roller Shades in a white color.  Next, buy a thin black fabric of your choice and draw the silhouette you want.  Cut the silhouette and sew it to the shades.  An easier option would be to draw the silhouettes onto the shades and paint them black. TA-DA!


Apothecary jars are also a flexible way to decorate your home this Halloween.  Simply replace what you currently fill the jars with, and fill it with any candy you’d like.  In this case, I chose candy corn to bring in the orange and a classic Halloween feature, purple M&Ms, and some black plastic spiders to make people cringe.  You do not have to strictly use apothecary jars, you can use any clear jars you have in your home to complete this look.


(Image via

Pumpkins with dark purple flowers are also a great way to add the ghostly feel to your home.  For this look, hollow a pumpkin and carve it to the shape of a basket.  Then use your choice of dark, dead looking flowers to fill it in.  This is a great example of decorating with versatility.  Once Thanksgiving arrives, lose the creepy flowers and fill the pumpkin with acorns or fall flowers.


Lastly, the trendy glittered pumpkins!  These are so much fun to make.  You can also turn this into a family craft project to bond as a family.  Create purple and black glittered pumpkins in anyway you’d like.  You can make stripes, polka dots, or solid glittered ones to name a few.  Make sure to have more orange and white pumpkins. That way when Halloween is over, all you have to do is take away the purple and black ones and you’re ready for Thanksgiving.  These can be used outside sitting on bales of hay, throughout your home, or both.

These easy Halloween decorating ideas are all magnificent ways to prepare for this eerie holiday and prep for the next!  After these basic things are in place, you can focus on the small things like replacing your regular candles with black ones, adding cotton cobwebs, and making other small crafts if you dare!

How To Measure For Wood Blinds

Learn how to measure for wood blinds from our design team as you pick out your favorite styles!


It’s that time of year… Redecorate your windows, so you don’t cringe every time you look outside to see the changing fall leaves or the bustling city you live in. The beauty of wood blinds is that they fit in any room, traditional or contemporary. Out with the old, in with the new! But, the first step is learning how to measure for wood blinds.

Key Point: Decide if you want to mount your blinds on the INSIDE or OUTSIDE.


(1) Find Width: Measure exact distance to the nearest 1/8″ between inside surfaces of window frame at the top, middle, and bottom, and use the narrowest width. Don’t make any deductions, the manufacturer will already do that.

InsideWidth Measure

(2) Find Height: Measure exact distance to the nearest 1/8″ from inside surface at top of window to sill at the left, middle and right and use the longest height. If you don’t want your blind to touch your window sill, deduct 1/4″. If you don’t have a sill, measure height to point where wood window blind is to reach.

Inside Mount Height Measure


(1) Find Width: Measure exact distance to the nearest1/8″ between the outermost points where the natural wood blind is to be placed. For best light control, this measurement should extend 3/4″ beyond the window opening on each side (or 1 1/2″ for the entire width).


(2) Find Height: Measure exact distance to the nearest 1/8″ from where top of natural wood blind will be located to top of sill. If there is no sill or if the wood window blind is to overlap window frame, measure to point natural wood blind is to reach.

Make sure to ask for extension brackets if you need them!


For other measuring How-To’s visit our Measure & Install page! Now that you’re done measuring your windows, check out our vast selection of 2″ & 2.5″ wood blinds!

DIY Chalkboard

DIY-Chalkboard- (from Signature Style Blog)

DIY Chalkboard Trays (from Signature Style Blog)

At we not only want to help you with your window covering needs, but we also want to inspire you to be a DIY designer! Here are steps on a DIY Chalkboard!

  1. Go into that cabinet where you keep all your little knick knacks and housewarming gifts you never want to see again.
  2. Grab a faux silver tray, and start crafting with this nifty & cute DIY idea!
  3. Grab some chalkboard paint from your local hardware store, paint it evenly on the tray (you can just paint the center if you’d like), wait until it dries, and oila!
  4. You can label all your cheeses and spreads or write out recipes, wine lists, or little notes for your guests on the tray.