Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas

Celebrating Halloween only lasts a month.  So having some easy Halloween decorating ideas and tactics will ensure that there is little hassle, yet full effect, for your home. It’s always exciting and fun to decorate, but it isn’t so much fun to put everything away. These easy halloween decorating ideas will make your home spooky and full of Halloween spirit!

After Halloween comes Thanksgiving, and thankfully these two holidays share something in common: orange. This common color allows for Halloween to smoothly transition into Thanksgiving without the stress of heavy packing and unpacking. These easy decorating ideas for Halloween will certainly help you for years to come!


(Image via MarthaStewart.com)

One way to bring Halloween to both inside and outside your home is by your windows.  They are what connect your home to the outside, and they should definitely be taken advantage of. To create the photo above, try using our Roller Shades in a white color.  Next, buy a thin black fabric of your choice and draw the silhouette you want.  Cut the silhouette and sew it to the shades.  An easier option would be to draw the silhouettes onto the shades and paint them black. TA-DA!


Apothecary jars are also a flexible way to decorate your home this Halloween.  Simply replace what you currently fill the jars with, and fill it with any candy you’d like.  In this case, I chose candy corn to bring in the orange and a classic Halloween feature, purple M&Ms, and some black plastic spiders to make people cringe.  You do not have to strictly use apothecary jars, you can use any clear jars you have in your home to complete this look.


(Image via MarthaStewart.com)

Pumpkins with dark purple flowers are also a great way to add the ghostly feel to your home.  For this look, hollow a pumpkin and carve it to the shape of a basket.  Then use your choice of dark, dead looking flowers to fill it in.  This is a great example of decorating with versatility.  Once Thanksgiving arrives, lose the creepy flowers and fill the pumpkin with acorns or fall flowers.


Lastly, the trendy glittered pumpkins!  These are so much fun to make.  You can also turn this into a family craft project to bond as a family.  Create purple and black glittered pumpkins in anyway you’d like.  You can make stripes, polka dots, or solid glittered ones to name a few.  Make sure to have more orange and white pumpkins. That way when Halloween is over, all you have to do is take away the purple and black ones and you’re ready for Thanksgiving.  These can be used outside sitting on bales of hay, throughout your home, or both.

These easy Halloween decorating ideas are all magnificent ways to prepare for this eerie holiday and prep for the next!  After these basic things are in place, you can focus on the small things like replacing your regular candles with black ones, adding cotton cobwebs, and making other small crafts if you dare!

Roller and Solar Shades

Roller and solar shades are great insulating shades at a low cost. They’re easy to clean and come with different liners for light control. They come in a variety of eco-friendly fabrics, screens, and weaves, and can be motorized. Now, what is the difference between roller and solar shades?

Roller shades are simple & economical shades that add privacy to any room. They keep most light out of the room, and come in both light-filtering or room-darkening options. They simply roll up and down with a cord, or can be motorized. We have plenty of fabrics, screens, and weaves to choose from, and we also have new Collegiate & MLB Collections. If you want complete privacy, then choose roller shades over solar shades.

Solar shades provide protection from UV rays from the sun while maintaining your view. They’ll help you keep out the undesired glare you might have on your TV or computer. Solar shades protect your furniture from fading, control temperature, reduce glare, and diffuse light.

Inspiring Interiors: Summer Lovin’

I’m really  getting a lot of inspiration while browsing through Pinterest today. Here are some of my picks!

These woven woods give this room a cultural and rustic look. Paired with a couple of tribal pillows and an awesome mirror, this room definitely shows an eclectic personality. Check out our BlindsOnTime.com woven woods here!

Gingham Draperies. Stunning. I absolutely love this crisp Parisian pleated drapery choice. It gives the room a fresh look, accompanied by the English-style accessories and greenery. Check out our fabric selection, and our Parisian Pleated Draperies here.

Groovy font on the wall, and yellow bar stools…enough said.

Earthy off-white roller shade screens. An energy efficient, yet chic choice for this contemporary, yet warm dining room. Check out our BlindsOnTime.com Roller Shade selection here.

Get inspired.


Roller Shades Provide a Lovely Solution to Sound Issues in Offices on blindsontime.com

In 2006, it was estimated the 1.4 million people worked in an office environment. If even half of these employees had their own office, their office might have one or two windows. This means, these windows would need to be covered. For any office environment, the best type of window shade would be a roller shade. Roller shades come in many styles, colors and textures. The window shades of today are not limited to the color of white any longer. In fact, whatever color or décor an office is using, that is the same style, color or texture the employee can request when an office manager orders window shades.

Since white is so outdated when it comes to window shades, an office employee can now request any of the primary colors (red, blue and green) to the soft pastel colors (pink, purple and light yellow). The textures of a roller shade can be soft or rough. Today’s roller shades are even manufactured single or double cell. The single cell roller shade looks like a honeycomb and the double cell roller shade are just two honeycomb designs combined. These texture window shades come of a variety of colors so the office worker will not have to look at the color of white day in and day out.

Roller shades can be manufactured and purchased in these three styles. There are blackout shades, decorative shades and light filtering solar shades. If an office building has a room where they watch training videos, and this room has windows, they will want to purchase blackout vinyl shades. Blackout shades block 99% of the outside light. This is the perfect window shade for a media or entertainment room. Decorative fabric shades are just that, decorative, and can be manufactured in several fabrics. There are soft and rough fabrics that can also be purchased with a frilly or scalloped bottom to give the window shade a wow effect.

Window shades from a long time ago used to be made with a spring-loaded reverse gear. With new technology and design, today’s roller shades can be made with a smooth lift or continuous cord loop. If a homeowner has children or an office employee brings their young children to work, they can be rest assured the purchase of roller shades with a smooth lift of continuous cord loop will not harm their child in any way. The smooth lift or continuous cord loop are great because they hide the cord from view. These types of cords allow the homeowner or office employee to look at the window blinds, not the cords, but the window coverings. This change of focal point is highly desirable.

Office environments can be noisy, that is just a given. The noise can come from inside and outside an office. Noises, of any kind, can slow down any work productivity. This is when fabric covered window shades are the most appropriate purchase. Roller shades with fabric tend to be dense. This density allows for a quieter office and gives way to more productivity. The best thing about fabric shades is they can be purchased with whatever is in stock through a window decor store or online store and fabric window shades provide excellent insulation.

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