Sliding drapery panels with cordless cellular shades- match with your bedroom’s wall and sheets on your bed

The bedroom with matching sliding panels and cordless cellular shadesThere is a large variety of colors to choose from! With the elegancy of the sliding drapery panels and the light control advantage that comes from cellular shades make these sliding drapery panels fantastic! It’s easier than ever to have a highly decorated room and have all the privacy you need! See our large collection of sliding drapery panels- click here!

unexpensive honeycomb shades

blue honeycomb
This is a great honeycomb shade for boy’s room.

BlindsOnTime 3/8″ Double Cell Honeycomb Blackout Cellular Shades feature a great visual focal point for your room with energy efficiency and sound insulation material that tops any other contemporary window covering. The insulating shades prevent heat to pass in and help lower energy bills year round. The blackout fabric also provides maximum privacy and block all light. Perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms and nurseries.

Roller Shades For Your College Dorm Room

Collegiate Roller Shades

Introducing: Collegiate Collection Roller Shades is proud to introduce our official Collegiate Collection roller shades for your college dorm. Show your team spirit, with your favorite university logo on a custom roller shade for your dorm room. Whether you’re a University of Florida Gator, or a University of Georgia Gator-Hater, we’ve got the shade for you. The roller shades are available in both light-filtering or blackout material. The BlindsOnTime Collegiate Collection would be the perfect addition to any children’s room, den, or game room! They are custom fit for your window, and your school logo/mascot will be centered and proportional for the size you need. Remember, Roller Shades are a perfect way to splash your windows with style, easy-to-use functionality, and are an environmentally friendly choice. Click here to check out our college roller shades and blinds! Remember, we are here to help. Call us, 877-230-3006 for any assistance you may need.

Green Guard

BlindsOnTime wants you to “Nurture the Air You Breathe.” The GREENGUARD® Environmental Institute works hard in protecting both human health and quality of life by setting standards to reduce exposure to chemicals and thus improve the air quality indoors. Were you aware that indoor air is 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air? Since people spend about 90 percent of their time indoors, air pollution levels are typically higher than outdoors. The primary sources of this pollution are from furnishings and building materials, as well as day-to-day activities like cooking and cleaning. These products release thousands of pollutants, mainly volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Breathing these pollutants can heavily affect one’s health and can cause a plethora of problems from allergies, asthma, cardiovascular disease, et cetera.

Therefore, indoor quality is our concern, because the hours we spend cooking in the kitchen, sleeping at night, working in offices or being in schools adds up. GREENGUARD® Certified products must meet strict requirements and guidelines regarding chemical emissions and toxicity. The products are then screened for over 10,000 chemicals including carginogens, toxins, and irritants.