Top roller window coverings- Perfect Mix of Elegance and Topnotch Performance on

If you are exploring some good options for window treatments of your home or office, your best picks are usually the Hunter Douglas window coverings. Be it classical or contemporary design themes and styles, you will surely find a diverse range of window fashions that match your design requirements and preference. The search for the perfect decorative and functional window coverings doesn’t have to be a daunting task if you consider the window fashions that the company offers.

Window Coverings for the perfect window fit

Hunter Douglas offers a diverse range of window fashions that fit all window shapes and sizes. In addition to the distinctive signature, each of the blinds and shades provides functionality and decorative value to all windows in your home or office requiring treatment. These high-value products provide just the right level of privacy and light control.

Wide range of design options and choices

Hunter Douglas boasts of a rich selection of window fashions including shutters, honeycombs, sheers, roller shades and blinds. Your style options range from traditional to contemporary. The window fashions come in horizontal and vertical design orientations. In addition to the color and design variations offered by Hunter Douglas, one can also choose from different types of fabric materials, finishes and special features. The top choices include wooden window roller shades, faux wooden window roller shades, “pearlized” metal blinds, vinyl shutters and blackout roller shades.

Top roller window coverings provide an endless stream of possibilities when it comes to color and style. Thus, it gives you enough elbow room to toy around with several color combinations and decorative approaches. For most buyers, the window fashions of Hunter Douglas are the best deal and the company is acknowledged to be one of the major players when it comes to decorative and functional window treatments.

Customized Design Options

For homeowners and designers who are looking for some personalized design options, Hunter Douglas offers a diverse set of personalized window treatments that takes consumer preference and taste to a new level. Hunter Douglas provides various modification options and features including motorized systems and manual gliding. You will also have various design possibilities with the huge range of solid colors, patterns and textures of Hunter Douglas window treatments.

When choosing the best window coverings that reflects your personality, it is essential that you take into account your preference, design theme, style and texture of your elements and fixtures. Most dealers of Hunter Douglas window treatment provide professional advice with regard to your personalized window treatment design options.

The more popular design options for those looking for window treatments with distinct personality include roman shades. This type of window covering comes in different colors, textures and patterns. You can choose between flat-fold or tear drop styles and a room-darkening liner comes as an added option and can be included in the personalized window coverings when desired.

Window fashions can also be used as design accents for different rooms in your office or home. If you are searching for the right balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality, then HD window fashions will surely make it to your shortlist of top choices.

Innovative and out-of-the-box window treatments

Unique and innovative window fashions in the purest sense of the word – that is how homeowners describe window coverings. The variety of roller shades, sheers, blinds, shutters and honeycombs are designed and developed to wrap vertical and horizontal windows as well as the specialty types of windows. Each of these window treatments were designed and developed with unmatched privacy opportunity and light controlling ability in mind. You will surely find one that fits your budget and matches your personality.

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Lutron Vs Somfy – Historical Comparison For motorized roller shades on

This is the second article in a series which intends to offer a complete answer to this common question. Knowing the history of each company and where they came from reveals the logic behind their respective strategies and the rationale behind their product offerings. The past informs the present.

Somfy, a French company, once supplied precision components to the European clock making industry in Montblanc. In 1967, the company entered the motorized awning industry, providing durable motors for exterior awning applications.

Still today, Somfy is the market leader in awning motors. In the mid 1990s, Somfy leveraged its core competency of building tubular motors for opening and closing sun shielding awnings and introduced a line of motors intended for interior sun protection; motorized window shades.

There are certainly similarities in the awning and window treatment business, generally, both contend with sunlight by extending and retracting (or raising and lowering) fabric. At first glance, it might seem that window shades are simply interior awnings.

However, the specific details of the interior motorized shades market are very different from the exterior awning market. In terms of products, there are a limited range of awnings styles, colors and fabrics. Choices for window treatments are practically unlimited. In this way, awnings are akin to garage doors whereas window treatments have more in common with fine furniture.

In deciding how to bring its motors to market, Somfy followed its successful model in the motorized awning industry where it sold motors to awning dealers and fabricators. In a similar way, Somfy opted to sell its motors to companies that sold traditional window shades. Here again, the industries were different.

Awning providers were likely to possess construction skills whereas window shade dealers had a softer set of skills that leaned more towards design. These new dealers certainly did not have technical backgrounds in electronics or motors.

The challenge was teaching electronics and technology to a crowd more comfortable with fabrics and color matching. Somfy had to teach the basics of how to motorized roller shades using Somfy motors, how to plan wiring for shade power and control, how and when to involve an electrician and of course how to present and sell motorization to end users. Its success today is a testament to how well Somfy was able to educate its dealers. But one thing they did not foresee was a new competitor from a different industry…

Lutron traces its roots back to 1961, when it introduced the world’s first dimmer switch. Today, Lutron is a dominant player in the lighting industry. The company sells a wide range of products, from basic light switches in retail stores to elaborate, customized lighting control systems for residential and commercial applications through a network of dealers/installers.

Several factors contributed to Lutron’s decision to enter the motorized shading industry. First, as a lighting control company, Lutron knew that sunlight played a major role in a home’s overall lighting design.

The company’s slogan is “Lutron Controls Your Light” and it saw that this could (should) be applied to ‘natural light’ as well as ‘artificial light’. Second, it was witnessing the window treatment industry fumbling with the technical aspects of motorization adoption. Third, new entrants into the lighting control field were challenging Lutron’s dominant position and pressuring margins.

Fourth, a new market, termed ‘home automation’ was growing rapidly and lighting control was quickly becoming a sub component of total home automation systems. For all of these reasons, Lutron wanted (needed) to differentiate itself and its dealer base with what it hoped would be a ‘game changing’ product line.

In the late 1990′s, Lutron purchased Vimco, an established, medium-sized window shade company. Lutron then combined its newly developed, proprietary motor, the QED or Quiet Electronic Drive with Vimco shades. The QED made big waves in the industry for being practically noiseless.

This was a classic example of redefining the parameters of competition in an industry. Before QEDs, consumers did not even know that motor noise level would become a factor in their purchase decisions. It took several years for Somfy to catch up to the QED’s noiselessness which gave Lutron a significant advantage as it launched its new motorized shading division. Despite this feature advantage, the company faced an uphill battle.

The opposite of Somfy’s dilemma, Lutron’s challenge was (and still is) teaching fabrics and color matching to a crowd more comfortable with electronics and technology. Lutron’s dealers had no experience in the window treatment industry. For this reason, Lutron recognized that simply providing motors and controls (like Somfy) would not be sufficient.

Somfy’s path, informed by its experience in the motorized awning market, did not make sense for Lutron given their dealer base and channel structure. Lutron knew that to be successful, it had to make selling motorized shades as easy as possible for its dealer network.

Recognizing that it had to teach a whole new industry to its lighting dealers, Lutron (wisely) started with functional ‘natural’ light control. This strategy was also dictated by the fact that Vimco manufactured a limited selection of functional solar and blackout window shades – all were roller shades. Over the years, Lutron has expanded its product offering to include a greater variety of styles and designs of window coverings.

Today, Lutron is a full-fledged window treatment fabricator. This presents new challenges and opportunities which will be covered in future articles.

Couched in this historical context one can now (hopefully) appreciate why each company offers what it does the way it does. From this vantage point, one can properly evaluate and appreciate the specific details and differences relating to product performance, available features and pricing. Subsequent articles will cover these important topics, delving deeper into motorized shade specifics.


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Window Treatment Blinds- The Different Kinds of Blinds on

Remodeling and redecorating can be a fun but exhausting task. Trying to find just the right things for your home is something that should be pleasant. But with all the choices available how does one decide? This is especially true when looking at window blinds and shades. Window treatments are a huge part of any room. Not only do they enhance the environment on the inside, they are also visible from the outside.
When you choose a Window Treatment Blinds, your style and personality are showing through to every person that can see your windows. Quite the hefty responsibility for a decoration isn’t it? So that leaves you with the choice to look carefully through the choices of window shades and blinds and pick what not only suits the room, but also your personal preferences. The key is in knowing what you have to choose from aside from colors.
When it comes to window treatments blinds, curtains and shades are all options. For now let’s take a look at the choices among blinds. While you can be specific and choose something such as bamboo shades and blinds, if you get fairly general with blinds there are four basic types. You can choose the option of mini-blinds.

These blinds are the type most often seen. They are extremely inexpensive and come in a variety of colors. Natural wood blinds can really look gorgeous in the right room. They can be stained to match any decor and are often affordable. Vertical blinds are most often seen on wide windows and sliding glass doors. They come in many colors and materials. If you have deep windows you might want to go for standard blinds.
With shades you have several more options available. Instead of opting for blinds roller shades could be your choice. They offer the ability to control the light in the room and come in colors and prices to match anyone’s needs.
Cellular shades are another type of shade. They are known for their insulating features. Pleated shades are a less expensive alternative to cellular shades. Roman shades offer good sound insulation and can found in any number of materials.
Solar blinds shades help to minimize glare and diffuse light. Woven shades come in natural materials and are often cut to order. Finally window shades are both horizontal and vertical and can be coordinated with your furniture.
If you are looking for blinds or window shades Home Depot, Lowes and JCPenney are just a few of the places you might go to find what you need. Choosing the style that works for your home is the first step.
Then you can pick out colors and shop for the best deals. Window shades and blinds are a great addition to any room. Not only do they block the light when you need them to, but they can insulate and add a decorative element to the room as well. Each type has its own benefits and negative sides. With thorough research you can find the one that is right for you.

Roller Window Shades Offer a Trouble Free Answer to Light Concern in Apartments on

If you can remember for a moment, the old-fashioned roller shades, you can probably recall these window shades as being a bright white and aluminum in appearance. Yeah, those were to olden days alright. Today, these roller shades are archaic in appearance and design.
The window shades of today can be made to order. The homeowner or apartment dweller can now purchase their roller shades in any color, style or texture they desire. When it comes to window coverings, the homeowner is not limited any longer by what the manufactured offers.
In today’s very popular home design arena, the homeowner or apartment dweller can also purchase their roller shades online. Being able to purchase window shades online is just another convenience in today’s busy world.
Many online Roller Window Shades websites offer free samples to prospective clients. This ‘try before you buy’ deal is another great way to see what color, style or texture will match your home or apartment’s décor.

The roller shades of today can be manufactured in these three models: Decorative, blackout and light filtering solar shades. The latter style of window shades is probably the most purchased by apartment dwellers.
This is because they filter the light entering any room, while cutting down on excess UV rays. These light filtering window shades can be purchased with a continuous looping cord that is a great feature for parents of small children.
The blackout roller shade can also come with a continuous looping cord and is an excellent window shade for any room that needs complete darkness. One room that comes to mind is an entertainment or media room. Then, there is the Decorative roller shade.
The decorative roller shade has never ending options for the homeowner or apartment dweller. The homeowner does not have to purchase and live with the original and boring white roller shades anymore. Now, the homeowner can even add a hem style to the bottom. There are various hem styles to look at and pick, along with fancy trim styles too. The homeowner can also pick from the casual to the traditional style of roller shades.
When an individual decides to cover their windows, and they happen to live in an apartment, the first thing they think of is privacy. This is especially important if the apartment dweller lives across from their neighbor and right next to another neighbor.
It is always a good idea to cover however many windows are in an apartment. Now, just because an individual lives in an apartment does not mean they cannot have up to date and decorative window shades.
These days, roller shades are being manufactured with environmentally safe materials. This is always a plus for individuals seeking earth friendly window shades. The roller shades of the 21st century are not only high tech, they are earth friendly too. If an individual wants earth friendly window shades, they should ask for them to be PVC-free.
These earth friendly window shades are also chemical free and this means they also reduce any allergens that might be in the air. This means, they will be made of organic and earth friendly materials. An eco fabric consists of bamboo and charcoal particles. These two materials allow for odor, germs and noise resistance. The bamboo material is great for providing ventilation and absorption of moisture that might linger in any room.
When an individual purchases earth friendly rollers shades and they are ready to upgrade, they will be glad to know they are 100% biodegradable too. This means, they will stay in a landfill forever. In fact, they will probably break down in 6-12 months. So, not only is the purchase of roller shades a great decision; they can be purchased with earth friendly materials too.

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Roller Window Shades Allow Complete Solution to Common Noise Issues in Homes

Roller shades, what are they you might ask. Well, you know what shutters are, mini blinds are, curtains are, vertical blinds are, but in your minds eye, you have no idea what window shades are. Well, roller shades, which also go by roll shades, are like a simple shade.

They can be frilly at the bottom, be made of fabric, have texture to it or be simply plain. This increasingly popular window treatments come in all sorts of colors from your typical primary colors to pastel colors.
Along with the many colors of the rainbow, the most popular styles of attractive window shades are now manufactured in more than just vinyl material. In the part, window treatments used to be made with vinyl material and had no flair. Maybe now you are beginning to see an image in your mind of what Window Treatment Blinds used to look like.

Today’s homeowner can have their roller shades customized in whatever fabric, texture, color or style that will compliment their homes décor. In fact, today’s shades come in various models: solar shades, decorative window shades, blackout shades or light filtering shades.
If you go with the solar roller shades, these come in at least four different shades. Solar shades still allow homeowners and their guests to have an excellent window view, while giving the homeowner protection from harmful sunrays.
Just like humans wear sunglasses to shade their eyes from harmful rays, so do today’s solar roller shades. Today’s styles of window treatments for homes, available anywhere, are wonderful for a family room, home office or any room that has a lot of light.
The purchase of solar window shades will cut down on unnecessary ultra violet rays and help reduce the excess heat that enters any room. Maybe you prefer decorative shades. The decorative roller shades of today come in a wide variety of colors textures and styles too. Whatever a homeowner’s décor is, so can their decorative window shades be. If you are looking for blackout shades for one or many rooms, then this is another option for homeowners. Blackout shades also go by the name vinyl roller shades.
When you are looking to totally blackout any room, these window shades will give you 99% blackout coverage. You cannot get any blacker than this. Finally, there are light filtering roller shades. These window shades do just that, filter the incoming light while giving the homeowner the amount of privacy they are looking for when shopping for window treatments.
Finally, shades have become today’s most elegant way to enhance any window, big or tall, small or wide, and still cut down on any unnecessary outside noise of a homeowner’s home. When the window shades are completely rolled down, it will amaze you how much of the outside world will be shut out.
The best way to create a semi noise or no noise atmosphere is to purchase fabric roller shades. As you have read above, there are so many options for roller shades, but if noise is an issue with you, it would be wise to order your shades with fabric.
Many homeowners’ today work varying shifts, day or evening, and would need to have window shades that provide a quite atmosphere. Just because a room or home needs to be noise free, does not mean the window shades have to be boring either.
Depending on the size of any given window, at lot of window shades start out at $36. The price would increase on the measurements of any window frame. Just because a homeowner purchases economy roller shades does not mean they have to sacrifice on the look and style they want and or desire.