Roller Shades For Your College Dorm Room

Collegiate Roller Shades

Introducing: Collegiate Collection Roller Shades is proud to introduce our official Collegiate Collection roller shades for your college dorm. Show your team spirit, with your favorite university logo on a custom roller shade for your dorm room. Whether you’re a University of Florida Gator, or a University of Georgia Gator-Hater, we’ve got the shade for you. The roller shades are available in both light-filtering or blackout material. The BlindsOnTime Collegiate Collection would be the perfect addition to any children’s room, den, or game room! They are custom fit for your window, and your school logo/mascot will be centered and proportional for the size you need. Remember, Roller Shades are a perfect way to splash your windows with style, easy-to-use functionality, and are an environmentally friendly choice. Click here to check out our college roller shades and blinds! Remember, we are here to help. Call us, 877-230-3006 for any assistance you may need.

Cheap Window Blinds-Discount Window Treatments Catering to All Types of Needs on

There are countless types of quality yet cheap window blinds that cater to all types of interior decorating needs. Discount window treatments are affordable and are of varied designs. They have become the new advant garde trend with their creative use of color and design to give a house owner a sense of home.

There are a wide array of discount window blinds, all made with different types of materials and mechanisms. The most common of discount window treatments is non other than venetian blinds which were made popular as far back as the late nineteenth century.

They are easily recognizable from their overlapping slats, with the versatility of being opened or closed in varying degrees by using a simple side cord mechanism. The venetians are still the best for sunlight and heat control.

The main reason is that the overlapping slats gives better blockage from the sun when used as sun control and the amount of sun entering your room would determine the amount of heat passes through the blinds into your room as well.

Woven Bamboo is an alternative materials used by discount window blinds which are evergreens for a leisurely look and feel, and are often used to block sun at patios, kitchen or relaxation corner of the home. Also, in the last 10 years, cellular materials also debut as a bid to energy conservation. They are oddly shaped like honeycombs and are specifically designed for maximum energy efficiency.

Your blinds can come in either horizontal or vertical in design. The most common ones are horizontal, as they are easy for interior designing purposes, more popular with home makers due to their ease of cleaning. They are best for regular or smaller sized windows.

However, should you have large windows or long stretches of windows along the hallway or high windows that stretches up all the way to the ceiling, you will need vertical blinds for greater versatility. They make better choices with used with large windows as well as sliding glass doors.

As you can see, you are indeed spoilt for choice when it comes to discount window treatments. There will surely be a few, if not more, types of quality but cheap window blinds that suit your decorating purpose and theme.


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Discount Window Blinds – Key Advantages of Fabric Roller Shades on

If you have a new home which you wish to optimize just the right amount of natural sunlight to enhance the interior decor as well as ambiance, look no further than fabric roller shades. They are not only dependable discount window blinds but suit you specific needs to the tee.

There are a wide variety of fabric to choose from with extensive colors and designs. They are versatile as partial sun block blinds, and can even be altered with your own additions of hems for a personalized statement of style.

They come in different tightness of weaves, various fabric and materials, thereby giving you a variety of choice for textures. And they are extremely versatile with an easy to use pull, release and lock function that can be operated single handedly.

As fabric get woven together, tiny gaps are purposefully created to provide partial streaming of the sunlight into your space, diffusing partial light and are easier on the eyes.

If you have a sun facing room and window which needs to block out only some light, these blinds are just perfect for your purpose. Even in broad daylight, your interior will be dimmed from the shading effect, yet still kept cool and pleasing to the look and feel.

The best part of it is that not only do fabric roller shades provide you with the desired level of streamed natural light, they also help you save money on utilities bills by reducing the amount of interior air conditioning and electricity for lighting.

Although they provide partial sun blockage, they are able to block out about 99 percent of harmful uv waves. Indeed, these types of discount window blinds accord you the best of both worlds in terms of being cost savings.

They are easy to maintain too. Simply use a dust buster and sweep the dust and dirt off, and if you wish, use a damp piece of cloth to wipe over them. Keep to a regular daily or weekly regime and they will last for a long time to come.

Fabric roller shades are indeed one of the new age Discount Shutters that are both versatile and aesthetic to the look and feel.practical and are capable of complementing most types of interior decorations, available in extensive variety of color, fabric and designs. They are indeed one of the key types of quality yet cheap window blinds that diffuse light yet enhances the ambiance of your home.

How to Choose the Best Discount Plantation Shutters for Doors and Windows?

When you enter into a new house or build a new one you need to consider different kinds of things. Unless you create the living conditions in the house you cannot live peacefully. One of the things which you need to take care of is the window and door coverings. There are different kinds of coverings available.

You just need to choose the one which is suitable for your house. You might have heard about the discount shutters. Purchasing a home is a great investment. So you must make sure that everything is perfect in your home. The plantation shutters are affordable and can be used to cover the windows.

Choose the Right Place
It is very important to find out the right place for the discount plantation shutters. You must make sure that you purchase them from reliable sources so that you get the best quality product. One of the places from where you can get these coverings is the home improvement centers.

You can even get them at the do it yourself centers. You also need to look for proper discount. If you interested in these coverings then you can even look for them on the internet. You will get a wide range of options on the internet. You can even purchase them from the internet.

Internet is a Good Source
If you purchase the discount plantation shutters from the internet you will have to pay for the handling as well as the shipping charges. You can even try out the yard sales for these discount plantation products. But you need to be a little careful about the products that you purchase from this place.

You need to check well so that the quality is up to the mark. If you purchase the products from the internet you will have lots of benefits. First of all you can compare the prices of the products available. You will also get lots of options on the internet.

Perform Research
But before you purchase the discount plantation shutters you must make sure that you perform a good amount of research. You can perform the research with the help of the internet. You need to find out which of the companies manufacture the best products. You must always make sure that you do not compromise with the quality of the products.

You must also take care of the louver along with the shutters. They are equally important for the doors as well as the windows. While purchasing the product you must also look for actual discounts so that you can save some money on these essential products.

The Real Appeal of Discount Window Blinds on

Enough with overpaying for your window dressings! Today’s discount window blinds are designed with the durability and strength of regular priced blinds but at budget prices that make them affordable for everyone.

These discount blinds also offer options in every color, material and style you can image, allowing you to mix and match to fit any design idea.

Window blinds are perfect for every room in your home. In windows they can block out the heat from the sun during hot summer days. They also prevent sun glare from shining on your TV or bothering your eyes. In the winter they are useful for keeping the heat in. Blinds allow you to open windows in the home but block flies and other insects from entering.

Discount window blinds are the perfect choice for window coverings in commercial, residential and industrial settings. Mini-blinds are probably the most popular option available giving privacy, blocking out some light and offering an ease of use that everyone from seniors to teenagers can operate.

Look for wooden blinds to bring warmth into a room and as a perfect choice to compliment wooden floors. They are often placed in dens, home libraries and offices for their natural appeal.

Faux wooden blinds offer a more durable alternative to regular wooden blinds and now they are so realistic looking no one can tell the difference between real or faux wooden blinds. These faux blinds feature discount pricing and will not warp or fade when exposed to direct sunlight. Because they are resistant to moisture, faux blinds are easy to clean and work best in bathrooms and kitchens where humidity is high.

For large floor to ceiling windows or patio and glass doors vertical blinds work best to block out glare and reduce room temperature. They are lighter than standard blinds and easier to open. They also gather less dust making them easier to clean.

The variety of colors and textures offered make them perfect for adding drama to living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms. Fabric blinds offer an elegant touch in any home and are more manageable and easier to clean than using curtains.

Go with black-out blinds to remove all visible light and UV rays. They can be placed in bedrooms for those who work nights and need to sleep during the day or for placing in children’s nurseries so babies and toddlers can take daytime naps without interruptions.

When children are in the home, the safest type of blinds to purchase is cordless blinds. The blinds can be lifted and lowered like normal but there is no long cord on the blind that young children could end up twisted up in or choking on.

To get the best deals on window blinds, purchase from companies that specialize in offering discount window blinds. These companies offer the ability to shop online and easily search for blinds by brand, type, height and width.

Because they are experts in window blinds, you can easily locate blinds that fit into your price range. The range of materials available in window blinds will work with traditional, oriental or modern room decors.