unexpensive honeycomb shades

blue honeycomb
This is a great honeycomb shade for boy’s room.

BlindsOnTime 3/8″ Double Cell Honeycomb Blackout Cellular Shades feature a great visual focal point for your room with energy efficiency and sound insulation material that tops any other contemporary window covering. The insulating shades prevent heat to pass in and help lower energy bills year round. The blackout fabric also provides maximum privacy and block all light. Perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms and nurseries.

Blinds On Time.com Provides Different Types of shades.

Roller Shades

BlindsOnTime Roller Shades for Windows offer style,
function and environmental consideration. It’s easy to
create an environmentally conscious home by choosing Eco
Friendly fabrics, screens and weaves. Our Fabric Roller
Shades offer an array of colors and choices, manual or a
motorized roller. Check out our fabrics that coordinate
with Ballet® Performance Drapery Styles and Harmony
Pleated Shades

Stylish textures, superior craftsmanship, and an array of
contemporary colors make our Window Pleated Shades as
functional as they are beautiful. The single layer fabrics
of the Pleated Window Shades have superior pleat retention
for crisp, clean lines top to bottom. So…don’t worry about
sagging and flattening. And if you want a little extra
privacy for you and that special someone, a light
filtering or room darkening liner can be added to your
Window Pleated Shades for those intimate moments. These
pleated shades have it all and will give you a fresh clean
look…day in and day out.
Horizontal Shadings
Combining the softness of a cellular shade and the
functionality of a horizontal blind, our Horizontal Shades
offer softness and beauty – not to mention tough-as-nails
durability. Light diffusing vane and double sheer fabrics
blend to create a unique visual experience.
View the world with sheer wonder or block it out
completely with our Room Darkening Window Shades. Either
way, you’ll bask in the luxurious beauty of these amazing
Horizontal Shades – day or night.
Roman Shades

If you are looking for unparalleled elegance and rich
beauty, look no further than our Window Roman Shade
collection, combining the insulating benefits of a
cellular shade with the beauty of drapery fabrics.

The Roman Window Shade has gained a tremendous amount of
popularity in the last few years because it adds a
pleasing, distinct impact to any room. A Window Roman
Shade also has the ability to block out all outside light
so it is perfect for bedrooms, rooms with entertainment
systems, or any room where a high degree of light control
and privacy is desired.
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Cheap Window Blinds-Discount Window Treatments Catering to All Types of Needs on blindsontime.com

There are countless types of quality yet cheap window blinds that cater to all types of interior decorating needs. Discount window treatments are affordable and are of varied designs. They have become the new advant garde trend with their creative use of color and design to give a house owner a sense of home.

There are a wide array of discount window blinds, all made with different types of materials and mechanisms. The most common of discount window treatments is non other than venetian blinds which were made popular as far back as the late nineteenth century.

They are easily recognizable from their overlapping slats, with the versatility of being opened or closed in varying degrees by using a simple side cord mechanism. The venetians are still the best for sunlight and heat control.

The main reason is that the overlapping slats gives better blockage from the sun when used as sun control and the amount of sun entering your room would determine the amount of heat passes through the blinds into your room as well.

Woven Bamboo is an alternative materials used by discount window blinds which are evergreens for a leisurely look and feel, and are often used to block sun at patios, kitchen or relaxation corner of the home. Also, in the last 10 years, cellular materials also debut as a bid to energy conservation. They are oddly shaped like honeycombs and are specifically designed for maximum energy efficiency.

Your blinds can come in either horizontal or vertical in design. The most common ones are horizontal, as they are easy for interior designing purposes, more popular with home makers due to their ease of cleaning. They are best for regular or smaller sized windows.

However, should you have large windows or long stretches of windows along the hallway or high windows that stretches up all the way to the ceiling, you will need vertical blinds for greater versatility. They make better choices with used with large windows as well as sliding glass doors.

As you can see, you are indeed spoilt for choice when it comes to discount window treatments. There will surely be a few, if not more, types of quality but cheap window blinds that suit your decorating purpose and theme.


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Discount Window Treatments – Faux Wood Window Blinds Never Discriminate Against Tight Budgets

If you are strapped of budget and need to find yourself some great looking discount window treatments, there is no better choice than check out the faux wood window blinds. The word literally means fake wood and yet is capable of fulfilling the key features of real wood blinds in certain aspects. The price however, is a huge discount over real wood.
The benefits of faux wood window blinds abound. The materials come in varied types of synthetic fibers or composite wood. The beauty of faux wood is that they are resilient and durable. Also, they come in a variety of colors and designs unlike the traditional wood blinds which could be a tad mundane in make and designs.
Wood alternative blinds come in different types of texture and can imitate all types of wood surfaces. The best part of it is that it is almost very difficult to differentiate between real and fake wood from afar. But still, the raw grain and feel of wood is not easily imitated and can be singled out up close.

Faux wood or otherwise known as wood alternative blinds look great in any room. They are best used in bathrooms as they can withstand great levels of humidity unlike real wood. They look just as good in your living room and patios.
Regardless of your limited budget, you can surely be able to find the right type of wood alternative blinds at discount window treatments stores. Paint them in whatever color you favor and you can brighten up your space in no time. They are especially useful in homes with a lot of windows.
There is no social taboos when it comes to faux wood window blinds, in this new age where minimalists and creativity rules. Simply check out your discount window treatments stores or go online and you can easily stay at the forefront of avant garde designs.

Motorized Window Shades – Somfy Vs Lutron – QED and Sonnesse on blindsontime.com

Somfy and Lutron both offer tubular motors for raising and lowering interior motorized window shades. Lutron sells the motor and shade together while Somfy sells just the motor which can be combined with any window shade. Both companies also sell controls (wall switches, remotes and interfaces) that are used to operate their respective motors.

In the late 90′s, Lutron introduced the QED (Quiet Electronic Drive) which it paired with its own brand of shades (roller shades mostly). The product made big waves for being practically noiseless. This was a classic example of redefining the parameters of competition in an industry. Beforethe advent of Lutron’s quiet motors, consumers did not even know that motor noise level was or would become a factor in their motorized shade purchase decisions. Only in the last couple of years has Somfy caught up to the QED’s noiselessness. Today, there is still a difference, but it is slight and most consumers do not consider it a deciding factor.

Somfy manufactures two different types of ‘quiet’ motors used in motorized window shades; an AC powered version (ST50) and a more recently introduced DC powered version (ST30). Lutron’s QED Motors are all low voltage, DC Motors. The difference between AC and DC power is that the former is high voltage while the latter is low voltage. AC Power is the same as the power received from plugging a cord into a standard wall outlet. Low voltage is powered by that same outlet but the cord has a transformer (think of a cell phone cord or a computer power cord with their boxes on the plug on in the middle of a cord – that is a transformer) and reducing or ‘knocking down’ the high voltage power received from the outlet to low voltage power. A main reason that DC power is important is that fewer building code issues arise and no electrician is required for wiring low voltage powered motorized window shades. Absent an electrician, wiring costs and job complexity are both considerably reduced.

The QED is available in three different sizes called the QED64, QED100 and QED225. The number gives a rough gauge of the square footage of fabric that the motor is designed to lift. For example, the QED64 can lift a shade up to 8 feet x 8 feet, the QED100 can lift a shade up to 10 feet x 10 feet and the QED225 can lift a shade up to 15′ x 15′ – this size motor is only very rarely required for residential applications. These are approximations only, in the field, these motors are known to actually lift more than these numeric values imply. The size of the motor affects its diameter which determines the diameter of the tube that the motor uses. Lutron’s QED64 uses a 1 5/8″ tube, the 100 uses a 2 ½” tube and the larger 225 uses a 3 1/2″ tube. Tube diameter is important mostly for determining how wide motorized shades can be without bending (deflection). A bent tube means that fabric will not roll up properly. The fabric will sag causing creases- this is not acceptable. Therefore motor size is as much about shade width as it is about lifting capacity.

Somfy’s quiet motors, known as the Sonnesse line, also use different tube sizes. The ST30 uses a 1 1/2″ tube, the ST50 can use either a 2″ or 2 1/2″ tube*. The lifting capacity of the ST50 falls somewhere between the 100 and 225. For very large applications, Somfy has larger motors, but to date, they are not in the Sonnesse (quiet) product line. It is very rare that a motor larger than an ST50 is needed for interior applications. This is true even if multiple shades are driven by a single motor.

Both the QED and Sonnesse motors have proven to be reliable and both come with 5 year warranties.

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