Window Coverings for Sliding Glass Doors

Glass doors are a bit tricky when it comes time to select a sliding glass door window covering. There are many factors that need to be considered when making a decision about which windowcovering for sliders to choose. Here are some things to think about:

Budget – regardless of any other factor, this one holds the most water. If on a tight budget, then the choice is as cheap as possible.
Are there small children or pets in the house? This is the second most important consideration. Child safety is always a priority and pets come in a close second.
Will there be a lot of traffic in and out of the slider or is it rarely used? The sliding glass door window covering must be conducive to the use of the door.
Is privacy or light filtering the priority? Is privacy important or is it better to have balance between UV protection and light diffusion?
What other window coverings are in the room? Is it important to try to match them to          retain the décor integrity of the room….or doesn’t it matter?

Some of these considerations may not seem important but once one has experienced an expensive window covering for sliders ruined because Fido tore it apart or a small child crayoned all over it, one keeps these kinds of aspects in mind when choosing window coverings for sliders in the future.

Some of these points may not sound important but a lot of money can be lost by not considering them. Another point is convenience. A lot of inconvenience will be experienced if one chooses a sliding glass door window covering that works against the natural function of the door. For example, choosing bamboo shades for a slider with heavy traffic doesn’t make much sense. One would spend most of the day rolling the shades up and down. For high traffic areas like entrances into the back yard or homes with small children, one would be better off with a sliding glass door vertical blind or some simple curtains. Each slider is different and it’s best to have an idea of what is most important before purchasing a sliding glass door window covering.

Sliding Glass Door Plantation Shutters
When discussing window coverings for sliding glass doors, plantation shutters are often forgotten. Most people equate plantation shutters to mean a double paneled shutter with a matching frame that covers a window opening. However, plantation shutters can also be used to cover the sliding glass door. Sliding glass door plantation shutters are also called bypass doors because one slides past the other – overlapping to block out light. The number of doors used will depend on the size of the opening. Two or three doors will usually cover a small opening and four or more will be needed for larger openings.

The door panels have a wheel mechanism attached to the top of the door that fits into the top inside door opening. One track will accommodate two doors so if more are needed, a second track would have to be installed to accommodate the larger opening.

The downside of using plantation shutters as sliding glass door window coverings is that one never gets the full view of the sliders – one panel is stacked on top of the other. However, if the room is already utilizing plantation shutters, this addition to the sliding glass door will keep with the established décor of the room. The option of sliding glass door plantation shutters is a more prestigious and expensive option for a slider – probably one that may require a handyman to handle.

Otherwise, sliding glass door vertical blinds or a valance paired with simple panels to shield the hot sun’s rays will be very easy to install and easy on the pocket. Although these are simple solutions, one can have a lot of fun dressing up the normal window coverings with valances or window covering embellishments that can transform these simple choices into unique, one-of-a-kind artistic creations.

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Showcase Your Home and Your Style With Unique Custom Draperies on

How you decorate your home is a reflection of your personal aesthetic. There are certain decor elements, like window treatments, that can help you express that style in an effective, direct manner.

When it comes to window coverings, it can be hard to find a ready-made product that truly reflects your taste. Custom draperies, however, let you craft the exact appearance you want to implement. No matter what your style is, you will be able to find the right drapery window treatment to suit your vision.
The first thing to consider in terms of drapery window treatments is exactly what type of drapery you want. There are a whole range of options out there, including:

  • Valances
  • Draperies
  • Curtains
  • Swags
  • Cornices
  • Top treatments

Design professionals will be able to help you evaluate the character of these different elements and ultimately determine what combination of them will best suit your personality, your space and your style. This way, you get custom draperies that are truly in line with what you want and need, and that set you and your home apart.
As window treatments draperies also offer you a high degree of style control in terms of fabric choice. There are a multitude of fabrics available, so between the combination of drapery style and fabric options, you have an infinite palette in front of you. Choose heavy or ornate fabrics for a formal look, or light, airy fabrics for a more casual feel. Interior design experts can help you navigate all of the textile possibilities and will be able to match the right fabric choice to the right style of window drapery to achieve your perfect look.

Creating the right look for your home is a wonderful, satisfying process. Window draperies are a fabulous way to express your style and to implement the appearance you want. With the array of custom drapery styles and fabric choices available you will be able to create an individual, beautiful look that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come.

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Blinds on Time Gives you Porch Decorating Ideas.

A front porch is an open invitation for neighbors to stop by, sit down and relax.

A beautifully decorated front porch is a huge welcome sign. It is a preview of what’s inside and a window into the character of the home. There is no better place to spend a lazy summer afternoon or evening than on the porch – playing games with the kids or enjoying a gentle breeze while sipping a cold drink. Visiting with family or neighbors is great while relaxing in a comfortable chair, shielded from the sun by exotic porch window coverings, and enjoying some tasty snacks. A front porch is a transitional space that offers the best of both worlds: the sights, scents and sounds of nature along with the comfort of inside living. No matter what style that is chosen, porch decorating ideas should be relaxed and inviting – with comfort being the key element.

Treat the porch as an outdoor room. Use the same design elements outside as you would use inside the home. Comfortable seating, good lighting, carefully chosen porch window coverings and art that is memorable are recommended.

Since the summer porch is an extension of the house’s décor, it should be decorated with the same care as the rest of the home. Create a relaxing ambiance by filling the space with what is considered restful and enjoyable from live plants to beautiful porch window coverings. Have plenty of comfortable seating and make the porch as appealing and welcoming as possible with these porch decorating tips:

Porch Shades and Blinds Protect Against UV Rays

Hang porch blinds and shades made of natural rattan and bamboo to protect against summer sun and rain. Or select porch window coverings made of fabric and shades that give the porch a very breezy, romantic touch. Or use light diffusing porch window coverings that will keep out the sun’s ultraviolet rays while allowing cool air to circulate. As much as we enjoy being outside, sometimes the hot summer sun can be brutal so in hot climates roll-up shades made of cotton, bamboo or canvas, are easy to install and make great porch window coverings. For the greatest degree of sun control, choose blinds as porch window coverings because they can be opened or shut as needed. Curtains can be used outside on a porch as well as inside – installed at the top of the porch overhang or hung on drapery rods.

Theme Porch Decorating Ideas

Theme decorating a summer porch is so much fun. If the home is older, a Victorian motif is always interesting. Or if one loves the beach, long cabana-styled porch window coverings will give a laid back look. Use some beach-type chairs as seating options, set out some seashells and include some snifters with sand and beach scenes. Choose a theme that is interesting and just let the imagination go free.

Live Plants

Nothing makes a porch more inviting than plants and flowers. In fact, no summer porch decorating idea is complete without some blooming flowers and potted plants. Plant flowers in unusual vessels like wheelbarrows, watering cans, and buckets for some interesting porch decorating ideas. The options are numerous…just find something that sits in the corner of the garage and plant something interesting in it. It will invoke great conversations….guaranteed!

Comfortable Seating

Arrange comfortable seating options and tables. White wicker chairs and couches will add a country garden-inspired touch to any porch decorating idea. Colorful cushions give the ambiance an extra kick. Matching cushions to porch window coverings will pull the porch decorating ideas all together. Bentwood rockers and metal tables and chairs are also good choices that can sustain heat and humidity. If there is room, a hanging swing is always a great choice.

To bring a more unified look to a hodge-podge of porch decorating ideas, consider spray painting everything one color. More than any other element, soft furnishings and color add life and style to any porch. So, for example, spraying all the furniture green and then incorporating porch window coverings and cushions with a soft pattern containing the same color green will pull all the décor together and create an amazingly beautiful porch that will spring to life.

Front Porch Flooring
Most front porches have the original flooring as a base. Painted with a high gloss deck enamel, they will look great with a good cleaning. Or, if adventurous, one can do something a little different by stenciling a pattern right onto the wood as the floor is painted. Faux marbling is another porch decorating idea as well as floral patterns.
Whatever creative journey that is chosen, make sure the porch decorating idea is something interesting, pleasing and relaxing. So be bold, be creative and most importantly…don’t be afraid to have some fun with porch decorating ideas. They will bring a serene look and feel to an otherwise ordinary porch.

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