Feng Shui

If you’re interested in Feng Shui…You can let good energy (chi) in, or close it out depending on the window treatments you choose for your window. You should let chi in if your window has a lovely view. You can use Draperies to let some light in, and to not block your view entirely. Roller Shades are also a great option because they give more energy. You can use different colors and patters with your Roller Shades to influence the feng shui in your room. Roller Shades are great because they can block out a bad view, but also let natural light flow into your room.

However, if your windows overlook a busy street, with bustling cars, then, you’ll want to block out the negative chi (sha chi).┬áTo block out the negative energy, you can use shutters. Shutters block out light even better than draperies. Remember to open your windows on a nice day to allow good energy to flow throughout your room.