Child Safe Blinds

Children are in their second semester of school, which means summer vacation is getting closer. Keep your children safe while you’re at work by buying child safety blinds for your home. Now is the perfect time!


So, how are blinds—an object that does not move—not safe? Some blinds come with looped cords that spark children’s curiosities, and think it is something to play with. When that happens, blinds become strangulation hazards.

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How to Clean Window Blinds

Cleaning your window blinds is important if you want to avoid dust build-up.  The UV rays of the sun can cause the dust on your blinds or shades to harden, making them really exhausting to clean.  Say goodbye to dust with these helpful techniques:

Wood Blinds: One thing to always remember with wood blinds is to NOT use water! It can cause your wood blinds to warp or discolor, and that is never fun. Take a clean dust cloth and wipe the dust off the slats for maintenance. If you want a really good clean, vacuum the blinds with soft bristle brush attachment on each side of the slats regularly to suck away dirt.

Pleated Shades: A dry sponge will be your best friend with these.  You can find one at a hardware store’s drywall section. It lifts away dust and dirt without using any chemicals that can stain your shades. Simply rub the dry sponge on the shades! It’s that easy. If the shades are too dirty, then a trip to the dry cleaners will do the trick.

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Aluminum Blinds: Take a lint-free towel and spray some all-purpose cleaner on it.  Make sure the curved side of the blinds are facing towards you and gently wipe downwards so you do not bend them. Reverse and do the same. For maintenance, simply dust the blinds with a lint-free towel.  If you do not have a lint-free towel, a sock will do a great job, too.


Cellular Shades: Most cellular shades do not require much cleaning, but a vacuum once in a while prevents dust build-up. If you need a better clean, use the dry sponge like the pleated shades.

These few extra steps will save you time and hassle in the long run.  Try including these techniques into your cleaning routine and let us know how much they have helped you.

Blinds On Provides Different Types of shades.

Roller Shades

BlindsOnTime Roller Shades for Windows offer style,
function and environmental consideration. It’s easy to
create an environmentally conscious home by choosing Eco
Friendly fabrics, screens and weaves. Our Fabric Roller
Shades offer an array of colors and choices, manual or a
motorized roller. Check out our fabrics that coordinate
with Ballet® Performance Drapery Styles and Harmony
Pleated Shades

Stylish textures, superior craftsmanship, and an array of
contemporary colors make our Window Pleated Shades as
functional as they are beautiful. The single layer fabrics
of the Pleated Window Shades have superior pleat retention
for crisp, clean lines top to bottom. So…don’t worry about
sagging and flattening. And if you want a little extra
privacy for you and that special someone, a light
filtering or room darkening liner can be added to your
Window Pleated Shades for those intimate moments. These
pleated shades have it all and will give you a fresh clean
look…day in and day out.
Horizontal Shadings
Combining the softness of a cellular shade and the
functionality of a horizontal blind, our Horizontal Shades
offer softness and beauty – not to mention tough-as-nails
durability. Light diffusing vane and double sheer fabrics
blend to create a unique visual experience.
View the world with sheer wonder or block it out
completely with our Room Darkening Window Shades. Either
way, you’ll bask in the luxurious beauty of these amazing
Horizontal Shades – day or night.
Roman Shades

If you are looking for unparalleled elegance and rich
beauty, look no further than our Window Roman Shade
collection, combining the insulating benefits of a
cellular shade with the beauty of drapery fabrics.

The Roman Window Shade has gained a tremendous amount of
popularity in the last few years because it adds a
pleasing, distinct impact to any room. A Window Roman
Shade also has the ability to block out all outside light
so it is perfect for bedrooms, rooms with entertainment
systems, or any room where a high degree of light control
and privacy is desired.
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