Child Safe Blinds

Children are in their second semester of school, which means summer vacation is getting closer. Keep your children safe while you’re at work by buying child safety blinds for your home. Now is the perfect time!


So, how are blinds—an object that does not move—not safe? Some blinds come with looped cords that spark children’s curiosities, and think it is something to play with. When that happens, blinds become strangulation hazards.

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How To Winterize Your Home

Snow and ice are beautiful, but they can cause damage if you don’t winterize your home. Save money and stress and read below on how to winterize your home. You’ll have more time to spend with family and friends!

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Hurricane Sandy Safety Tips

Record-breaking Hurricane Sandy landed earlier Monday in New Jersey, leaving the east coast with flooded streets and damaged, powerless homes. The time to prepare for Sandy has passed; however, the time to prepare for the next is now. Prepping essential supplies beforehand helps you be ready for any emergency. Here are a few items you should always have stocked and ready to use:

BlindsOnTime - Hurricane Essentials

  1. Water: The recommended amount of water to have stored is one gallon per person for three days. So, for a family of five, you will need three 5-gallon water jugs.
  2. Generator: Not all hurricanes cause power outages, but it is best to have one just in case. Sometimes homes will lose electricity for a week, or more. Also, keep some back-up gasoline in case gasoline stations in your area run out.
  3. Radio: Tune into your NOAA Weather Radio station for weather updates. Besides battery-operated radios, crank radios are great for emergencies because they operate without batteries.
  4. Batteries: They are extremely essential! Make sure you have plenty of back up packages to power your radios and flashlights.
  5. Flashlight: Use flashlights rather than candles. Candles can be fire hazards, especially around kids.
  6. Non-perishable food: You do not know how long you will need food to last in emergency situations so be sure to have plenty of non-perishable food stocked and ready to eat so you won’t worry about the grocery shelves being empty by the time you get there. If you have a pet, be sure to have their food stocked too.

BlindsOnTime - Hurricane Window Boarding

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Aside from having these necessities, you need to prepare yourself and your home before the storm arrives for optimum safety with these tips:

  • Depending on the strength of the hurricane, you may have to keep your blinds closed to stop broken glass from flying in, and always stay away from your windows. If the winds are severe, board your windows with plywood.
  • Prepare sandbags and place in any door entrances to stop water from entering your home.
  • Be sure to prune your trees and shrubs to keep any branches from flying off and allow for more wind resistance.
  • Bring your cars and anything outside that cannot be tied down into your garage to prevent them from flying away or damaging your home.
  • Unplug your appliances during the storm. This will prevent them from damaging in case of an electrical power surge.
  • Have any important documents, emergency money and clothes packed, and your vehicles fully gassed in case of evacuation.
  • Turn off electricity, water and gas before you leave your home.
  • Fully charge your cell phone and only use when needed.

Even if you do not live in a coastal region where hurricanes land, be sure to have the essential items ready for any disaster. The quicker you prepare, the safer you will be, and the more you can help others.

BlindsOnTime - Hurricane Preparedness

Benefits of Cellular Shades


Typically when you buy honeycomb or cellular shades for your windows, you don’t think about the benefits of the shades and what it can do for you and your home. Surprisingly, there are many benefits of cellular shades, despite their thin fabric. Here are a few things cellular shades can do for you:

Insulation: The space between the fabrics is so it can insulate your home from harsh climates. If you are looking for more than just standard insulation, double-celled shades will do the trick. Not only will it help your home feel cooler during a scorcher, but it will also help your home stay warm when the winter season rolls in.

Reduce Energy Costs: Oh yeah. Their insulating properties help your home keep a stable temperature making your air conditioning units or heaters work less, which means more money in your pocket!

Filter and Block UV Rays: UV rays are damaging to the photos, art, and furniture in your home.  Just like you protect your skin with sunblock, you need to protect your rooms with honeycomb shades.  They offer a variety of filtering intensity so you need a lot of sunlight, or you need to block sunlight, these will do the trick.


Privacy: The versatile movement of these shades allows for different degrees of privacy.  During the day, you can have the shades fully opened.  Mid-day you can place them half way up so people cannot see inside your home, but light can still shine through, and at night, you can keep your shades fully closed for ultimate privacy.

Safety: If you have kids or pets, you can have the option to buy cordless honeycomb shades.  This prevents your child or your pet from getting tangled in the cord when your shades are fully opened. If you buy some of Blinds On Time’s Honeycomb Shades right now, you will get a free upgrade to cordless. Yay for bonus benefits!

Aesthetics: Color choices are a must for interiors, and these shades do not disappoint. They offer a wide variety of colors from dark colors to pastel, and patterns.  The choices are abundant. Cordless shades allow for a sleeker look as well.


Now that you’ve learned more about honeycomb shades, check out Blinds On Time’s selection of Cellular Shades and insulate, save, protect, and decorate your home!