Plantation Shutters Add Beauty and Energy-Efficiency For Your Home on

Every window needs some kind of window covering: from decorative drapes to functional horizontal blinds, window treatments add privacy and allow for light control, as well as offering attractive looks. But some window treatments can do even more: plantation shutters are an investment in your home and in energy-efficiency. If you’re ready to get window coverings that do more, it’s time for interior shutters.

Plantation or interior Special shape shutters, offer timeless beauty for your home and all of the benefits of other window shades or blinds. With louvered slats, the shutters add privacy and allow you to control the light entering your home. However, unlike other types of window blinds, they also provide superior insulation.

The unique construction of plantation shutters offers thermal insulation for your windows, helping keep your energy costs down in both winter and summer. Some studies show that, installed on a double pane window, they can create an R-value of 6! And in addition to thermal insulation, they can also provide sound insulation–great for keeping out road noise from busy streets or the din of noisy neighbors.

Moreover, the classic beauty of wood plantation shutters not only brings traditional sophistication to your home, they can actually increase its resale value.

The long-lasting durability and gorgeous looks of interior window shutters are incredibly popular with home buyers, meaning your return on investment will likely be much higher than with other window covering options!

They can be fabricated to fit a wide variety of window shapes and sizes and are available in varying louver widths, allowing customization to suit your home and decor. Available in both real wood and composite construction, plantation shutters offer beautiful stained and painted looks perfect for any décor. In fact, they  are also ideal for irregularly shaped windows.

Specialty shaped shutters offer the same great looks and performance as traditional rectangular models, perfect for hard to cover accent windows. Some options include eyebrow, hexagon, quarter circle, oval, and arches: contact your window treatment fabricator for details.

With their superior performance, elegant appearance, and energy-saving insulation, plantation shutters are a wise investment for smart homeowners. Contact your local window treatment center today to learn more about installing plantation shutters in your house.