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Energy Efficient Cellular Shades Have Excellent Light Diffusion Qualities

Energy Efficient Cellular Shades Have Excellent Light Diffusion Qualities

      Cellular shades are one of the few window coverings that offer both style and functionality. There are many different kinds of cellular shades but honeycomb cellular shades are one of the most popular offering elegant light diffusion, room darkening and blackout qualities that protect your home and furniture against the sun’s UV rays and offer the degree of privacy you choose.

Qualities of Cellular Shades

       The cellular shade honeycomb technology traps air between the layers which creates an energy efficient window covering. The accordion style cellular shade is very light weight but still insulates against heat and sound. Some cellular shades are made up of wood which can keep heat from escaping through windows in cold weather.  

       Honeycomb cellular shades are available in single cell, double cell, or triple cell technology and come in a multitude of different sizes and colors. There are several different options for each style shade. Some have unremitting cord loops, some are cordless window shades, and others are motorized window coverings.  Some even operate with the use of an infrared eye – very cutting edge! The effectiveness of the cellular shades increases with the amount of cells they contain. So the performance of double cell cellular shades is superior to single cell shades – simply because of the increased pocket space inside the blinds.  

       If you’re looking for light diffusing qualities to soften the light coming into the room, light filtering shades are a good choice. These shades softly shield the room from the sun’s UV rays. If light control and privacy are what you’re looking for, then room darkening shades and blackout shades will take you from “shielding out almost all of the light” to “total darkness” and total privacy. These blinds are a blessing for people who work nights and need to sleep in total darkness during the day.

       As you can see, there are many different benefits of cellular shades. Although one shade cannot meet all needs, this one is great if you’re looking for a degree of light diffusion as well as energy efficiency and sound absorption. The down side is that cellular shades are not easy to clean. Cellular shades are made of a porous material that cannot be washed easily with a cloth. And using a vacuum brush to remove dust sometimes damages the shade. Cellular shades can be cleaned by gently brushing the shades with a soft cloth or brush so the job can be done….when using a gentle approach.

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