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Semi Custom Window Coverings

Semi Custom Window Coverings

   A truly custom window covering is one that is created for a specific person and a specific window. The consumer’s needs are considered as well as her specific tastes and décor choices. From start to finish….all options and choices available are unique and specific to the person making the purchase. Semi custom window coverings are a cross between completely custom and ready-made window coverings – they are the best of both worlds.

   Because there are so many factors that one has a choice in, a customized window covering is like none other anywhere so the likelihood that one will walk into a neighbor’s house and see the exact same décor is very unlikely. That’s the advantage to custom design. The down-side is that it is very expensive.

   A semi custom window covering is one in which the consumer chooses from existing designs but then customizes by the style and fabric used. This is a lesser level of customization, but is often just the right amount. Even better, the cost is not nearly as great.

1.  Types of semi customization: To purchase semi custom window coverings, review designs, features, and styles of different manufacturers. One can do this by sitting down with an interior designer or by visiting a window covering store or showroom. A manufacturer will offer certain lines of rods, fabrics, fittings, etc. but the choice of fabric can be chosen. A skilled interior decorator can guide on window covering choices that will work best and pull the character of the room together

2.  Best of Both Worlds: One great advantage of semi custom window coverings is that most manufacturers offer a wide range of fabrics and features yet still offer a great deal of creative choices – all while keeping costs at a reasonable level. Many companies offer customers consultations from top designers. In addition, showroom personnel are specifically trained in the product lines they sponsor and can then assist customers in design options. These consultants are well versed in the industry and can offer valuable insight into fashion trends, features of each design line and even problems with certain window coverings.

3.  Cost: Semi custom window coverings are more expensive than ready-made selections that can be purchased at discount stores. However, do-it-yourself ready made window coverings have a very limited selection of fabrics, styles and sizes, and often the fabric choices are of lesser quality. Therefore, taking the middle path and choosing semi custom window coverings provides quality and choices all at the same time.

4.  Considerations: Fully custom window coverings can be extremely expensive – not to mention, time-consuming to create. One will need to make decisions at every stage of the selection process, and even with the support of an interior designer, the pressure to make a good choice is overwhelming. However, fully custom window coverings have the highest level of quality and level of detail. Also, everything is taken care of by professions who are usually very skilled in the installation and operation.

5.  Designers: The best of both worlds choice is to purchase semi custom window coverings and add a few upscale custom touches. A good designer will often know some tricks of the trade and be able to add a little extra something to make the window covering exceptional. But don’t take them at their word. Ask to see a professional’s certifications and portfolio of finished work. This will give a good idea of their potential and skills in assisting and choosing the best semi custom window coverings for one’s home and lifestyle.

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