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Tips on Buying Window Shades and Blinds for Energy Efficiency and Classic Style

Tips on Buying Window Shades and Blinds for Energy Efficiency and Classic Style

       Last year I changed all the window coverings in my home…a bit of an investment. But those cellular honeycomb shades, wood blinds and vertical wood blinds were worth every penny. However, before I invested, I did a little research on energy efficiency and classic style and it paid off.


       How can you purchase window coverings that will help lower energy bills and retain their style in these fashion-conscious times? Here’s some helpful window covering tips on choosing window shades and blinds that will retain their style and go with many different home decors.


        To get started - choosing the right blinds and shades will extend the life of your window coverings by a mile. My roller blinds and pleated shades didn’t wear out…but I invested in new window coverings because my style or colors changed.



Real Wood Blinds and Faux Wood Blinds Match Everything

        Because of their classic look, wood blinds seem to go with everything. These window coverings are a good choice for all different motifs and home décor. Want some ideas for incorporating wood blinds into your home and have some fun at the same time? Try these tips:   


               White Wood Blinds are classic. They’re fresh and give the room a very clean look. Because wood blinds are so durable, they’re a great choice for a nursery or a child’s room. Wood blinds are so versatile that any color and style only accentuates the rich wood look of the blinds and shades.


             Faux Wood Blinds are a great choice for bathrooms and kitchens because they can withstand the humidity and not crack or warp. Faux wood blinds brighten up any room and will blend into any decorating choices.


             Vertical Wood Blinds are lightweight so are perfect for doors and large windows. These durable wood vertical blinds come in colors easily matched to your existing shades and you’ll be happy with them for years to come.



Energy Efficient Blinds Save on Redecorating

       We’ve all seen the damage the sun can do to our window coverings, carpets, and even upholstery. Because our home décor gets faded beyond our wildest dreams, we should choose window blinds that protect our home furnishings and window coverings. Also, energy efficiency is a big buzz word these days. And who doesn’t want to save on energy bills.

       And better yet…you could possibly receive a Federal Tax Credit for window covering purchases of honeycomb cellular shades – which are energy efficient. So do some research on the specifics to receive the tax credit for energy efficient window shades and make your purchase accordingly.

       Energy efficient blinds and shades will block the harsh UV rays that cause fading. This means you can save your furniture and carpet from the sun,  possibly get a tax credit for the window coverings you purchase, and have some energy efficient blinds and shades that look beautiful and classic for years to come.

       When researching blinds and shades, I always try to balance price with quality.  It’s not necessary to purchase the most expensive shades and blinds available but you really don’t want to have the window coverings fall apart a year from now so I recommend going for middle of the road quality and price. Go for the blind that will last and look good for years…you’ll be happier that you resisted the lowest price.  

       So…get started by jotting down some creative ideas and sketches for your window covering project before you start and then allow your creativity to blossom. Have fun with creating a new home décor with window shades and blinds. It’s the most inexpensive way to change the look and feel of your home.

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